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  1. pantitlan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just tried to install a wordpress multisite to host travelblogs. As I plan to use the frontpage for something like a magazine I wanted to run an independent wordpress installation for those travelblogs under blog.weltreiseforum.com The individual blogs would be blog.weltreiseforum.com/username and so on...

    I did all the steps which were described in the tutorial: change the confing and and the htacesss file plus add a blogs.dir with a 777-permission.

    The first blog on blog.weltreiseforum.com can be opened though the pages of the blogs create an error 404. The same happens with the subblogs where not even the first page can be open.

    I assume that the problem lies within the .htaccessfile. Does this file need to be different in a installation as I want it or can i use the standard file?


  2. You should be able to use the standard, since the root dir will be relative (i.e your basedir can be / and not /blog )

    What do you have in your .htaccess?

    And do pretty permalinks work on blog.weltreiseforum.com ?

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