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  • okay, so i’ve gotten a domain, downloaded wordpress and am literally just now stuck.

    i’ve been mulling through forum post after forum post trying to figure out where to go after downloading the file, but i’ve hit a brick wall…

    Zipdeploy just doesn’t seem to be working at all now. i’ve been trying to find it to download and use it for days with nothing but questionable download sites that seem to have nothing to do with Zipdeploy.

    the only reason i decided to use Zipdeploy is because i have no idea what an FTP is or how to use it… if someone could explain it to me, maybe give me some pointers on what to use and how to find/use it, i would be wildly appreciative.

    i’m not a complete computer dummy, and my husband’s been trying to help me, but we just can’t figure it out. i’m doing my site for my own personal business and don’t know what relevance all the high-paced lingo like “shell” and “server” have to do with me.

    all i know is that in the long term, i would like to be able to enable what i think is called a “multisite” on my blog so i can have more than one blog on the same site. if anybody knows of a way to do this without messing around with all of this, i would pretty much die of gratefulness.

    a little guidance would just be amazing. please.


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  • thanks for your response…

    i’ll have a gander, but are they going to give me some dummy-proof instructions? all of the things i’ve read thus far have just completely blown my mind and left me confused and stressed.

    i’ll see what i can figure out.

    thanks a lot of reading and helping.

    You might also want to look up some YouTube videos on WP – they are likely a bit easier to follow. There are some videos here too:

    Okay, so i have gone to several support forums and watched countless videos and am completely stuck. i understand how to do the ftp stuff now (i think) but the big issue is cPanel…

    I still cannot figure out how to get into my cPanel. Can someone give me step by step instructions how to get there? I can get to my wp-admin page, but from there where?

    i bought a domain through the wordpress “store,” so who’s my host? do i need to go and pay ANOTHER site to host my domain, despite the fact that i’ve already paid for my domain?


    where do i go from here? i understand a cPanel is a part of the software a webhost offers to make life easier for me, but if i’ve bought my domain through WP, who is my webhost?

    the constantly-stated rule that i should be able to type in my domain name with “/cpanel” after isn’t working. it just takes me to a non-existant page… what do i do?!

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    if you have just bought a domain, but not hosting, you will not have any hosting available to you. The people who you bought your domain from will be able to tell you whether you have bought hosting with it. If you bought your domain at, you need to ask them how to link the domain to another host.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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