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    I have had to completely reinstall wordpress. I’ve set up the wp_config.php file and got to the part where it says “WordPress can now communicate with your database. Run the install.”
    In the following screen, the “five minute word press installation,” it asks me to create a username and password. When I click “install wordpress” I get a huge long page of error messages like the following:

    ‘WordPress database error: [Access denied for user ‘XXXX’@’localhost’ to database ‘mysql’]
    CREATE TABLE wp_terms ( term_id bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, name varchar(200) NOT NULL default ”, slug varchar(200) NOT NULL default ”, term_group bigint(10) NOT NULL default 0, PRIMARY KEY (term_id), UNIQUE KEY slug (slug), KEY name (name) ) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8′
    (I replaced my username with XXXX here)

    Many of the following errors say “the table ‘xxxx’ does not exist.”

    I followed the procedure on this page to give me, the administrator, full privileges, but that didn’t solve the problem.

    I installed phpmyadmin to the folder “phpadmin” for an unrelated reason, I don’t know if that might be relevant.

    My host is yahoo.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • [Access denied for user ‘XXXX’@’localhost’ to database ‘mysql’]

    did you create a database first?

    Are you sure the database name you created named mysql?

    Please check your database connection string and make sure the database name, username, and password is correct.

    Strange, I tried it again this morning with the same inputs and it worked.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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