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  • AEngineer


    I’m not quite sure where I’m supposed to post suggestions for the documentation group. I hope that someone more knowledgeable will pass these along.

    1) – wp-config.php statement that 99% of time won’t need to change “localhost”
    I suggest that this ought to be modified so that it says for local installations this is true. I’d bet my experience is more generally true that when installing on a remote hosting server it IS necessary to change it.

    2) Changing Directory Index
    On my remote host the default “Directory Index” does not include “index.php” as a file to search for. WP therefore does not behave properly. I had to add “index.php” as an acceptable file – and then wait about 10 minutes thinking that I hadn’t succceeded before WP began to work as designed.

    This information may be buried somewhere in the docs, but I’ll bet it applies to more than me and should be a bit more prominently displayed.

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  • moshu


    It should be in the Feedback forum. [moved]
    1. Not soooo general, but probably more than 1%.
    2. It should (include index.php)! Maybe this is a feedback for your host: if index.php isn’t among the valid index files in 2006… you will be loosing business 🙂



    1. Agree with moshu here (mostly ;). I’ve done installs of WordPress on several different hosts, and never needed to change that line. It all depends… I’ve found the “99%” comment a tad smirky, but it’s not that far off the mark.

    2. These days it’s unusual for a provider to *not* have index.php as one of the default directory index files. However, it’s a good point about documenting the issue. It could be mentioned within the installation material on the Codex (i.e. Docs).

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