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  • I’m doing a mock upgrade. I created another instance of my current WP directory and tables and I’m running the upgrade process against that version.

    Here’s what I’ve run into so far. Host is a Windows server. PHP is 4.3.10 and MySQL is 3.23.56-max-nt

    First error was when running upgrade.php it showed an issue with wp-settings at line 113. The specific code was:
    foreach ($current_plugins as $plugin) {
    and I changed it, per another post I found (not sure if it’s a 1.5 post) to:
    foreach ((array)$current_plugins as $plugin) {
    and the error on the upgrade.php page went away.

    I then clicked the “do the upgrade” link and it ran and displayed the “successful” message with the following after the message:
    PHP Warning: mkdir(d:\home\xxxxxx\cachingcentral_wp15/wp-content/themes/cachingcentral): Permission denied in d:\home\xxxxxx\cachingcentral_wp15\wp-admin\upgrade-functions.php on line 666

    Looking at line 666 in upgrade-functions.php, it’s trying to execute a unix command (remember I’m on a Windows host) to:
    if (! mkdir($site_dir, 0777)) {
    return false;

    I don’t know PHP well enough to know if it should interpret that properly or not on my Windows host.

    I’ll post any followup issues below.

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