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  • This was my worst experience with a WP plugin, so far. The installation will not work, it always stalls at the 2nd step with selecting the translation languages. All the troubleshooting procedures show no effect. I tried to contact the support by opening a ticket, and in responds, I was asked to enter credentials to the ticket, so they can access my website and server. First, this email responds was sent from a NOREPLY address, and second, the form I was lead to, to provide the credentials, is not working. So I sent an email to the assigned support specialist, explaining the problem, and attached a file containing the credentials. More than 2 days later still no help, no responds, nothing.

    When I went to the website to ask for a refund, I was sent around in a loop, always coming back to the same page, where I started, instead of being able to send an email to the company.

    ZERO stars for not working plugin.
    ZERO stars for terrible support.
    ZERO stars for not even the support ticket system is working properly.

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  • Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with WPML.

    We organize our support in a forum, which is basically a public ticketing system. This allows clients to locate similar issues and receive replies immediately.

    All information for our support system goes into the forum and not as emails. Because we have a fairly large support team, we cannot manage with one “support email”.

    Are you still waiting for your refund, or did you receive it?



    Hi Amir,

    I actually need WPML; there is obviously no alternative for my needs (yet).

    When WPML support sends me an email from a NOREPLY address, and ask me to add credentials to the open ticket, but the ticket will not let me add these information, not even add me just something else so I could reply to the support, than I am locked out. I had to open a new ticket to be able to reestablish communication with the support team. When a website shows me a form with some radio buttons, and I am not able to check them, than I am sure it’s not my Windows 10 or my Fireforx AND Chrome browser, failing all together.

    Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    I don’t have your email address. If you can enter your email here, I’ll ask our site’s admin to contact you to make sure that you received your refund.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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