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  • Hi

    I have installed WordPress before successfully. i know how to install it.
    I uploaded all the files from the wordpress folder to my site via Core FTP
    I have a database in MySQL installed and configured appropriately.
    i run install.php,
    all goes well, it finds the database and creates the tables and gives me admin and password.
    then login.php
    when i log in
    the files are in
    it takes me to http://sreenath.awardspace.comhttp//
    literally like typing it twice but the second has no colon (:) and it obviously give me 404…..
    then to just look at the blog (since i cannot log in) i go to
    and no images, as if none of the images were installed when all the files from wordpress folder are in their appropriate positions (i just copy paste in FTP)
    when i go into /wp-admin because maybe the login didnt take me to the right page but im logged in, it changes again to that weird double URL

    wtf is going on im sorry just so pissed

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  • Not to pi$$ you off more, but I’ve had continued problems installing and running WordPress on sites. I would suggest running as fast as possible to a new host.

    well the thing is awardspace doesnt use localhost. but other than that, everything is teh same. just db_host is…
    but ok
    so now i gotta move my whole site, forum, klfjds ljds fkljdsf

    i got a long night ahead of me.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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