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    Hi guys,

    Just a few beginner questions as I am getting stuck and haven’t found a clear step-by-step manual regarding the installation and use of the plugin.

    1. Multisite Network
    In order to get the Multisite Language Switcher up and running I had to install a Multisite Network.

    2. Multisite Language Switcher
    I succesfully installed the plugin as well.

    Website in multiple languages
    I would like to have my website in 4 different languages, being Dutch, English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. For instance,… for Dutch and for English.

    However, now after having installed both the multisite network and the multisite language switcher plugin I’m not sure what to do next. I don’t want to mess up things.

    Po. and Mo. files
    I’m using a custom theme (default language English), but I’ve translated the .mo/.po files myself using Poedit.

    Do I just need to upload the translated .mo/.po files to my languages folder in order to get the plugin it up and running?

    define (‘WPLANG’, ” – Config.php file
    And will I need to adjust my wpconfig.php as well? This question because I’ve read it’s not possible to add multiple languages..

    Add new site/network setup
    Now, do I add a website of a different language using the option network setup or add new site?

    NB: If relevant, when trying to add new network I still get the message to add the codes (define(‘MULTISITE’..’BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1);) to my wp.config.php file and the lines (RewriteEngine On…RewriteRule . index.php [L]) to my .htaccess file. I’ve already updated them though.

    A lot of questions for a beginner. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Many thanks in advance!


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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Hi James,

    do you know already this link here:

    Yes, you can just upload your translated .mo-files to the language-folder of your theme. For a new language you have only to create a new blog in your network. After that you should just set the language of your blogs in their blogs-settings. There is no need to setup a language in the wp-config.php for this type of setup.

    Hope this helps. Cheers,



    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I’ve uploaded the mo.files to my languages folder. However, when trying to add a site I am only offered the option to add a subdomain. However I would like to apply the following structure:

    Dutch:… ..
    Spanish: ….

    How can I enable this?

    After this I would be able to set the language of each site, right?

    Thanks again!


    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    There is a step when you set up the multisite where you can decide if you want to use subdomains or subdirectories. And yes, for every blog you can then choose the language you want to use.

    You’re welcome,

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your previous support. I’ve managed to install it, using subdomains. I’ve already built my website in four languages – each of the pages linking to its version in the other language.

    General settings
    What I do see is that under my general settings I’m not able to select another language, only English. I’ve got a custom theme and translated the .mo/.po files with poedit. I’ve uploaded them to the languages folder. Am I missing something?

    Inserting the flags

    Next would be inserting the flags in my header. Ideally I would like to place them just FAQ/Contact in my navigation menu. My website is

    Is it correct that I use this code and place it in my header?
    <div id=”language”>
    <?php if ( function_exists( ‘the_msls’ ) ) the_msls(); ?>

    If yes, where do I insert it in my header.php?

    Furthermore, I’ve read something about positioning the flags editing the stylesheet with this being an example code:
    #language { position:absolute; top:34px; right:7px; }
    #language a { margin-left:5px; }

    Does this have to be done as well in order to position it according to my wants? If so, where do I insert it in my stylesheet?

    Furthermore, any other steps?

    As you notice I’m a beginner. Thanks Dennis!

    * The pages are linking considering the lack of the other language options under general settings. Under pages, the language switcher dropdown menu is available with the other written pages as selectable options. All of them showing the American flag instead of the Dutch (nl_NL), Spanish (es_ES), Braziian (pt_BR) flags.

    When trying to update a particular page and linking it to the other languages, the selected option doesn’t remain set.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    OK, it seems you have almost finished. 🙂 Please read on here:

    Thanks Dennis, that worked perfectly!

    However, that’s only one a reply to one of my questions. The other one is about inserting the flags, and the stylesheet as mentioned above..

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Sorry I have not seen them.

    You can place the code in your header.php wherever you want. The function generates just HTML-code. Instead of the div around the function, you could set this in the configuration of the plugin. But this is up to you, of course.

    The best place for the CSS-code is your style.css but it depends on your theme-design and the indicated code is maybe not OK for your design.


    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks so far for all the support. I’m almost done, just need to integrate the plugin into my header and footer. But that’s where I’m stuck for a quite some time now. I tried what you mentioned above but it messed it up a bit.

    I have no idea where exactly to insert the code in order to get it working. I have also contacted the support departement of my custom theme, and although their support is great – they don’t seem to know it.

    Could you please advise me what the exact code is I need to insert and where do I insert it in order to get it just above the menu buttons FAQ and contact (header) and the lower left corner (footer).

    It concerns the website main website
    The subdomains are:

    Do you need my codes in order to know more?

    I hope you can help me out with this as I am completely stuck (but so close 🙂

    Thanks in advance.


    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Please send an eMail to and we can discuss about the things you have to do or I can do for you.


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