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  • The same is happening for me!

    Plugin Author VeloMedia



    Please make sure the Redirect URI in both the Instagram Application Config and Easy Instagram plugin have the exact same base URL, both with or without the www prefix.
    Some users had this problem before, due to a missing www prefix:

    Please let us know if this fixes your problem.

    That worked! But…. I keep attempting to show only the pictures hashtagged “whatiwore”, but no matter what code I use, it just shows everything in my stream. Help?

    [easy-instagram user_id='54646131' tag='whatiwore' limit=5]

    I had caption_hashtags=false in there also, but removed it attempting to solve the problem. No dice, but I would like there to be no caption. Thank you for your help! If only all plugin developers could learn from you..

    Thanks for the help, but I’m also having the same problem as thestylistquo now.

    Plugin Author VeloMedia


    You should use [easy-instagram tag='whatiwore' limit=5] for displaying pictures tagged with whatiwore.
    Use [easy-instagram user_id='54646131' limit=5] for showing specific user’s images, in this case your own images.
    Please don’t mix tag and user_id in the shortcode.


    There’s no way to show only my pictures with a certain tag?

    Plugin Author VeloMedia


    Hi thestylistquo,

    This is a very good feature which we’ll try to implement in our next release.

    Meanwhile you can add a complex, maybe unique tag to your pictures and display the pictures by it.

    Hey everybody,

    I had the same problems (after authorizing the plugin to grab my instagram pictures nothing happened at the admin plugin site). After considering your tips (use same URL´s) there´s still nothing else as the “instagram login”-link. After and before loging in to Instagram…
    Redirect URL at the Plugin:
    Redirect URL at the instagram app:
    Website URl at the instgram app:

    I tried it also using no w w w…
    Would really appreciate your help, because I think I would really like your Plugin.

    Thank you very much!

    This plugin did not work for me. I got Instapress instead, works exactly how I wanted and way less complicated, no API or licenses to deal with.

    Plugin Author VeloMedia



    We’re sorry you experienced this problem with the plugin.
    If you would like to contact us privately and provide temporary access to your WordPress install, we’d be happy to take a look. Please write to us via our contact form here,, and we’ll get right back to you.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author VeloMedia


    Hi lmoore11608,

    We’re glad you got moving on something that worked for you. For other new users, we can explain why we’ve built a plugin that requires registering an API client.

    In order to display and feed Instagram photos through a website, someone must have registered an API client with Instagram.

    There are many other Instagram plugins that use the same API key for thousands of installations.
    Using that kind of plugin, you share the risk with all of the thousands of other plugin users that the plugin developer may disappear, may not keep the API client active, and effectively break your site feature without notice.
    You also risk the plugin developer eventually charging for their plugin, especially because they’re providing an API registration service on which you’ve become dependent.

    The ‘Easy Instagram’ advantage is that only you (your website) and Instagram are involved, and that still — you don’t need to know any code whatsoever to complete the installation process.

    Basically involving a series of cuts-and-pastes, most people report having registered their API client in just a few minutes.

    But sometimes there is a snag, which I’ll reply about in a new response here.


    Plugin Author VeloMedia


    Hi instant-brains and perhaps aflate as well…

    Sometimes there is a snag in API registration, perhaps having to do with a particular set up you may have that we’re unaware of. This is complicated when we look to help by trying to provide an exact URL to use for your site, rather than directing you to where the URL should be collected from.

    The link you’ll need to to apply for the Redirect URL can be copied from browser address window when you’re on the ‘Easy Instagram’ page under your Settings menu in your WordPress CMS.

    There may have been something different about your setup that made giving you an exact URL problematic.

    Hope this works for you. Let us know if you have continued difficulty.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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