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    I am speaking with a prospective client who wishes to use WP for his new site. We are moving him to a new host and basically ditching the old CSS/XHTML design/site, stripping out the content and going with a brand new site on the new host using WP.

    Now I would like for there to be no interruption to his site since the site is one that runs a contest. So I want to develop the new site on the new hosting package, while leaving his old site on his old host.

    I want to install the WP site on the temp domain I get when I register him for the new hosting package.

    I’ve tried to do this before if I can recall correctly and the template did not show up on the temp URL. Does anyone know how to set up WP on a temp url (server w/ account name) and have the template show up and get everything working until we switch the DNS to make him live on his domain?


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    you set up wordpress on those host provided temp domains the same way you do it on any other domain — a domain is a domain. host provided temp domains resolve; thats all thats needed.

    when youre done with the temp site — you change the dns AND the url(s) in the database, and leave BOTH sites up.

    As dns propagates, traffic gets taken to the new site.

    There is a link at the top of every page on this site called “Docs”. It’s very very useful.

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