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    I want to install WP on a server within my company to run our intranet. I currently have it all setup on my local machine. I am wondering how I setup WP on the server so that all employees can click a shortcut to the intranet. In short… if i want to access the intranet on the sever installed, I would type /localhost/wordpress/… blah blah blah. But if i want all employees to be able to see the intranet, what would they type in their address bar? Thanks in advance!

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  • The key here you need to forget you ever heard the word “localhost” if you want to setup a server accessible by others. Every computer in the world thinks that its name is localhost… so when that’s in the browser window the browser looks to the local computer, not a server.

    With that out of the way…

    If you have a server on your company LAN it must have a [DNS resolvable] name that folks know it and access it by. When you install WordPress on that server, be sure to specify that name when setting up the URL for access (not localhost). Even if you are working on WP from that server use that name in the URLs, not localhost, and you’ll be just fine.

    Did that make sense?

    perfect, that does make sense! thanks

    but the xampp database can be through a localhost correct?

    Yes, the connection specified in your wp-config.php file for the database can be localhost.

    so where exactly during the WP install do i change the directory so it is accessible by all employees? The “database host” box? do i enter “\\serverName\xampp\htdocs”?

    Nope. Do that as normal. That just tells WordPress where to find the database, that doesn’t effect/impact people browsing to your blog.

    No directories need to change. Just pay attention during the install to what you specify for URL values and be sure you don’t use http://localhost anywhere — instead of localhost, use the server’s DNS name.

    i will get it a shot now, and i thank you for all your help Chris. pure genius!

    i got it. I didn’t think it was as simple as changing the site url from within the settings. I always change that when using wordpress for website customers. Thanks Again!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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