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  • HI!

    Can WP co-exist sucessfully beside any other cms-system? If so, are there any prinicples for sucessful WP-installation to think about?

    If that works, I pressume I need to install WP completely outside the rootfolder (which will be occupied by another cms). Would then this set-up be ok?: (will be occupied by another cms, installed on the rootfolder) (My WP-installation 1) (My WP-installation 2)

    Or should I try: (My WP-installation 1) (My WP-installation 1)

    Will subdomains hurt the SEO? Maybe the latter alternative with only one subdomain is better for the seo?

    Best regards, and many, many thanks to the one who’s got some input!

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  • Hi Frodde,
    You are correct that the WordPress isntallations would have to be in separate folders. As long as each installation has its own folder and own database, you should be fine.

    I’m no SEO expert, but it’s my understanding that having is preferable instead of Also, it requires no fidgeting with domain names.

    I’m happy to help if you have any further questions!

    Technically, you could install WordPress in the same directory as another CMS so long as no possible and/or recursive file name conflict exists. That said, just about every open-source system makes use of index.php.

    Since the database allows prefix specification, WordPress could easily co-exist with other tables.

    Thank you Brandon and Eric!

    SEO-awise – I checked a little, and yes, it seems like subfolder is the way to go in most cases.

    Eric, with other tables, you mean other databases? And with prefix specification you mean rename the WP-index.php file?

    To avoid unknown future conflicts between different cms under the same root directory, I stumbled upon an article that suggests keep subfolder + use another server:

    Maybe that’s the trick?!

    Best regards!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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