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    I have searched a lot, and I know there are a lot of articles concerning the following, but I didn’t find anything. I guess I’m searching in the wrong way :S.

    This is my situation; I want to host two different sites on one godaddy account. I have two domains and have the account that allows me to host multiple sites on one hosting. This is where it gets ugly, I wanted to separate the installation of WordPress into two subdirectories. But by default when installing WordPress on the main domain, godaddy adds the files directly on the root. Even if I put a subdirectory in the settings of the godaddy installation, the site then can be accessed by and not

    So this is what I did, after installing WordPress on the root, because I don’t want to access the site by entering I moved the root install to its own directory, using the following article: It worked fine, until we noticed that images/content being uploaded, are being sent to the root, and not the designated subdirectory. Also godaddy did an automatic update and added all the files to the root.

    Is there another way to install WordPress in a subdirectory and using the main domain, on godaddy? Or what I did above was the right way?

    Thank you,

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    I do not think so. The “primary” domain always points to the root and the subdomain will have it’s own folder. This is actually a question that I’m sure a quick call to GoDaddy can answer. I’ve always had good luck with getting them on the line quickly 🙂

    As you said Keith Driscoll, I called godaddy and they gave me the same answer. I’m still doubting this is the right way to install two WP installations, one in another one. Thank you

    I have installed wordpress in my godaddy hosting, but whenever I tried to start for further editing it always say “File not found (404 error)
    If you think what you’re looking for should be here, please contact the site owner.” I dont know where to start to edit my website. I have already publish my website through website builder, but I want to republish by editing through wordpress. Please help me

    With regard
    Debenkumar Naorem



    @dknaoremcha To receive assistance, please start your own topic as per forum rules

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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