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  • Hi guys,

    I have been looking for over 4 hours but can’t find what I am missing!

    I am trying to install my blog locally. Everything is working fine except I have no images and my theme is not set up locally.

    What am I missing here?? I think I am supposed to go to phpmyadmin on MAMP and replace the URL of my blog for the local URL but it’s not working. I have tried several times but obvisouly I am not doing the right thing…

    Thanks for your help 🙂

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    Well, have you read my post?

    This tutorial explains you how install wordpress locally. This part is working on my end, I just don’t have any images and no theme.

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    What site urls are you using?

    My blog: and http://localhost:8888/wordpress

    I have tried to run it in Phpmyadmin to change every url but it’s not working.

    It says something like “0 rows changed in 0,00005 sec”.

    I have been able to manually download every images from NexGen Gallery though. Not sure if that can be automatically done.

    But when I have backed up my wordpress database, everything came back smoothly except the images. It says it was unable to back them up.



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    What site urls are you using locally?

    it sounds like you are running two different things here…

    in order to run a site locally you would need to create a folder within the htdocs folder of MAMP called “mysite”. ( of course, you would change that to whatever you wanted to call your site.

    Then inside that folder you would place all of the WP files ( not the folder, unless you wanted the end result of your local install to be “mysite/wordpress”). Once you have done that, go to PHP myadmin and create a database to use with your new site. make note of the database name, database username and the password.

    Now you can go back to your site( via a browser) at localhost:88888/mysite and simply follow the prompts and instructions to finish the install of WP. Once done, you will see your finsihed site at localhost:8888/mysite, just like it would show on a hosting providers service.

    Hopefully that helps,


    Yep exactly what i did and everything is working fine except for whatever reason the images I had on my original blog. I have been able to manually retrieve the one from nexgen gallery though.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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