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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m looking for a bit of help with setting up WordPress alongside another website. Long story short, my employer has had the same website for the past 10 years and the whole thing looks really dated. Finally I managed to convince them to update the site and offered I will do one for free in WordPress (building up a portfolio, improving skills).

    Problem – I want the ‘old’ website (done in Dreamweaver, using a mix of html & php) to be still visible to the public, while I develop something new in WordPress. Is it possible to set up an independent WordPress installation in a subfolder, on the same domain? I’ve found a codex article explaining how to do this ( but I’m not sure if the end result will be a ‘standalone’ installation, alongside the ‘old’ website. In other words – I want to make absolutely sure I won’t mess up the ‘old’ website in the process of installing WordPress.

    I did contact my host for help, but they quoted £110 to do what I’m asking for – ridiculous, seeing how WordPress can be installed in 5 minutes as long as the person knows what they are doing.

    To summarise:
    What I want is for the old html/php website to be at, while the ‘in development’ WordPress site to be at I want both websites to be visible – one for the public, one for me, for testing purposes.
    If this is possible, then I’m assuming the homepage of the wordpress installation would be at, while the Dashboard will be at

    Also, if anyone can think of any alternatives (e.g. developing a WordPress website offline, then publishing it in a painless way) then any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    If this is possible

    It’s perfectly possible.

    I’m assuming the homepage of the wordpress installation would be

    Yes – with the exception that you can drop the index.php part of most servers.

    You can installing WordPress locally and that’s the ideal route if you want to design themes, create plugins etc. But if you plan to actually build up content for the new site, then it’s far more complex to move the site from your localhost to the remote server.

    Alternatively, if you develop the WP site in a sub-folder, you can use See this method to allow it to take over the root domain with minimal work. That’s waaaay easier.



    hey, im trying to do this ..i want to install it next to Basekit (im hosting with hostgator)
    so for instance the home is made using basekit while i can set up a link to the wordpress part.

    i need a way to set them up side – by side on the same domain / url
    so like home = while the wordpress part would be
    then everything wordpress related would be “*insert part of site here*

    how do I do this?

    ( i see the question in this thread but no direct answer which is why im re asking instead of making a new thread or something)

    thanks 🙂

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