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  • Hi All,

    Can WordPress be installed and used with no database? I want to have all of my coding/text on the php files and not in a database.

    Thanks All

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    Can WordPress be installed and used with no database?

    To my knowledge, no.

    WP codex:

    This is probably a silly question, but if you want everything ot be in the PHP files, why would you bother with any CMS system at all? Doing it your way won’t ket you use any of the CMS or blogging functions that are available, and will only make your site run slower.

    Thank you for both of your replies.

    Tara, your answer is kind of what I am thinking too but can I get a definite answer here?

    Catacaustic, your answer is confusing. I need the html code and the associated text to be on the page. The blogs I will pull from the database as that is where the blogging will be posted.

    I see, I misstated my original question. Here is the updated question.

    The blogging will go to the database but, I need all original coding and text to be on the php page. Can I disable the database until I am ready to finally post the pages to be used; thus allowing new posts to use the database?

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    If you want something outside of the WordPress system, you can set up any HTML or PHP page that you like, and then use WoresPress as an additional system. There’s no problem running things this way. Doing it this way you can do whatever you want to with your own pages, and then add WordPress in later when you are ready.

    If you want to integrate the page with WordPress then I’d suggest setting up a custom page template for each page that you want so that you can have the WordPress functionality available, but still show your own page, content, etc.

    Thank you catacaustic,

    Good info. It seems as if I cant run WordPress without the DB. You’re right, I can insert my own custom pages.

    I just wish I could shut it off until I needed it.

    I will set up the nav bar, images, header, footer, etc.; with the DB. Then, offsite, I will combine those ‘calls’ on a custom page and insert my text and other coding.

    By the way… Interesting username and avatar. If it is your cat it trusts you very much.

    Thanks again.

    I am still wondering why you can’t “shut it all off until I needed it”?

    If you’re doing something outside of WordPress, then you don’t need WordPress installed. If you’re doing something that requires some WordPress functionality, then you need to have WordPress installed. I’m sure that I’m missunderstanding something that you’re trying to do.

    Hi Catacaustic,

    That’s what I will do. I will create my pages outside of WordPress then import them back in.

    It was great interacting with you as you made me think in a different direction.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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