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  • Hello everyone,

    I’d appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction how to resolve the following:

    I made a website and using Fantastico in my hosting service’s CPanel I installed WordPress to have a blog. Customized, tweaked and it worked for a while, but then suddenly, when I click on the blog button, it asks me to install wordpress.

    I had a look via FTP software in the place I installed the blog and it all seems to be there. Haven’t done any updates or changes. Could anyone have an idea what happened? The screengrab of the FTP list of files is here:

    Any advice will be appreciated.


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  • Which ‘blog’ button were you referring to?
    What was the last action before you click on the button?

    Do checked the database details inside wp-config.php are in sync with the Fantastico installtion details.

    Hi Jungle Space,

    I was referring to the “Blog” button the the website’s menu buttons bar at the top right hand corner.

    There was no other action than just clicking on the button on the website to have a look at the blog.

    I can open the wp-config.php via the ftp application, but I do not know how to get to the Fantastico installation details. Could you give me some direction there?

    Many thanks.


    We do not have Fantastico installed. On the second note, it seems to be able to connect to MYSQL. Since we do not know what are the things you have tweaked and configured, and it is not a normal behaviour of WordPress, would you consider reinstalling?

    But remember to backup anything important if you made file modification to themes/plugins.

    Thanks JungleSpace. A reinstall would be a “clean” install with default settings, right? And if so and I re-tweak everything again, is there a way to rescue the blog posts and images?

    Many thanks.


    Yes a clean install is preferred.

    You can use the Export tool to export your post. It is located under the Tools menu. Open and checked that file to see whether your post is inside.

    For images, backup the uploads folder located in the wp-content folder.

    Then just import back the post using the Import tool and transfer the uploads folder back to the original location.

    I see a WP install at

    Sometimes it is best to ask your webhost what happened.


    YAY!!! it is there. You’re right I will talk to the company hosting my stuff. This should not happen. One day it all disappears, the next it comes back.

    Thanks guys appreciate your help.


    That is definitely problematic and should not be happening. :-/

    Sounds like maybe the installation is losing the connection to the database. You might need to consider moving hosts.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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