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  • did the walk-through, edited and properly renamed config file, had empty database ready for propagation of data, went to click upon the “wp-install.php” file as per the readme page and got:
    (image capture)
    Page sunsequently appeared to stop loading, and no password is ever issued.
    Upon whim, I went to login page, but got almost exact same output.
    Went to look back to see in mysql *anything* was created, and it was not.
    Help, what is this? Aiiieeee! I can’t Reeeeeeeeead Klingon! 😉
    Much thanks, I’m only semi-novice with php/mysql, so if the answer is a head-smacker obvious one, be gentle, as I’d still like to learn.

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  • OOOeeee… I see hindi characters. Weird.
    Well, cant help. Just a suggestion. Gif format is great for such screen shots… 🙂

    What browser are you using, corqspy? And does PHP work at all on your server (i.e. do you have some other php stuff that works)?

    (The screenshot was just on-the-fly since the goop wouldn’t cut-in-paste, was quickest idea I could think of, and thx ;))
    I’m running other php pages elsewhere on my site rss feed aggregators etc. with minimum problems, set ups similar to Wordsmith’s. My configuration file looks proper, though I’d expect to get more ho-hum mysql errors if it were not…
    Using ie6 as browser, the php with my hosting service is “Version: 4.3.3 with GD 2 Support”
    Thx 🙂

    *doh* that’s my reply above, forgot I’d cleared my cookies ‘n cache before I’d come back to this site 🙂

    Well I’m still not certain what did all that, but after deleting both the database and dirs, reinstalling and such, the installation went through and all looks good.

    Glad to hear it!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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