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  • Elwazeery


    It’s really a very powerful plugin and It really did a very big change in my website
    But I need to install another copy of it to do some awesome ideas with it using woocommerce and ACF.
    So could you help me to duplicate your plugin and install it without conflict with the first copy?
    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author pjfc


    Thanks for the nice feedback, I appreciate it very much!

    I’m not sure why you would need a second copy of it in order to use it with WooCommerce and ACF. You can sync as many fields as you like with it from any plugin which uses usermeta fields.
    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your use case, could you elaborate a little so I can see if I can help?

    Ok I will explain to you and hope you can understand me
    I’m building a store with woocommerce and ACF and woocommerce account funds,
    The store is local store and the payment is offline by COD.
    The purchases is done by the balance in account funds for every user
    So the customer can buy funds from me the admin and I deposit it in his balance ,
    I used your fantastic plugin to do some sync in the balance, but I need to synced in for this specific field only every month.
    So I found that I can do it manualy by install another copy from your plugin to do this job, and trigger it manualy every month.
    I managed to do some edit in the plugin files and change the functions but didn’t success.
    So I hope you can understand me and help me to do that second copy .
    Thank you.

    Thanks for your explanation and patience with me 😉

    What the plugin does is automatically trigger an update of a ‘synced field’ each time the matched ‘primary field’ changes.
    The plugin is not designed to manually sync, it will always sync if the primary field changes. The only reason there is a ‘manual sync’ button is to enforce the update of the synced field if a cron job on the WordPress site has not fired yet. WordPress uses visitors to trigger cron jobs and if there are no visitors yet (for example because the site is in development or just has low traffic) it means no cron jobs are triggered. Once the cron job finally runs, the synced field gets updated after all.

    I’m afraid syncing just once a month manually is not going to work with this plugin. If there is nothing to sync (the primary field hasn’t changed) the manual sync does nothing, and if there is something to sync (the primary field HAS changed) the manual sync button only updates if the cron job hasn’t fired yet, (and if it has it does nothing but doesn’t harm either).

    Let me know if I missed your point or didn’t explain properly.

    I know that and I understand the way the plugin work
    But could you guide me to edit the plugin and make another copy, and I will get back to you with the result of my idea
    Thank you

    Plugin Author pjfc


    It goes against the coding principles of WordPress codex to install several copies of a plugin in one site, WordPress is just not designed that way.
    It will be like creating a new plugin, debugging code changes, and testing to make it robust which is important because of the nature of this plugin (directly manipulating the database). I just don’t have the time for that.

    Sorry that I can’t be of help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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