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  • Hi: New to WP. I followed the instructions one-by-one, along with my host tech rep on the phone. We set up the sub-directory; the config.php file was resaved/named and the required info added. First got a message with all sorts of php errors – wrong parameter count…. rechecked everything and then it seemed ok – never got WP prompted questins though. Read more in support; manually made changes required for config.php, including the extra security strings. That time, I just got the message when I typed into the url – – connection error. So while the error wasn’t as lengthy or detailed; still it showed a server connection error. Called host tech rep back and the 2nd tech rep (not very helpful) said to come back to WP.

    What I’m doing is converting (actually reconstructing) a Weebly blog over to a WP blog (and ultimately the rest of the site), so that when folks are on the Weebly site and click on “blog,” they will be directed to the new WP blog via my long-term host. That part has been set up OK, I think — although not tested yet until I have the new WP template/blog transfer completed to a more current date.

    I suspect it’s something simple and I think we’ve followed every instruction. I just need to get access to WP, purchase a template and then attempt to recover my current blog via RSS — and if that doesn’t work; then I’ll cut-and-paste since the blog hasn’t gotten too large — large and laborious enough, but could be worse.

    That said, we can’t go much further at all until this connection problem is resolved. The host, Bulk Register indicates they have the correct version of PHP. I have a Windows server and a Windows 8 computer.

    Thanks and I hope to obtain some suggestions soon! 🙂

    Says Database error. Link:

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  • Have a look at the error details located at // and see if any of those items need to be checked out before continuing.Your database server is reachable, and your username and password seem to be correct in your wp-config file, but the error seems to suggest that there could be a problem with the WordPress database name, or the database user permissions. That might help narrow things down for your hosts support tech.

    Hi Clayton: Thanks for your prompt reply. I do recall looking at error details at the wp-admin address as you’ve referenced above. I think there was a different database name. I will log back on in the a.m. (eyes getting too bleary – LOL) and give it another go. Thanks again and I appreciate your responding so quickly. It’s been a long month trying to decide the best approach to getting the blog in a more secure place, in the event something goes awry in their system… just feel more secure having my files 100% intact and having the ability to upload them again if needed… 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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