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[Resolved] Install on subdomain

  • I’ve installed wordpress to mydomain.com/wordpress. I also have a subdomain set up, wordpress.mydomain.com which is mapped said domain.
    The subdomain is functioning properly however when I change the “wordpress address”, and the “blog address” within the wordpress settings wordpress breaks and I get a file not found page when i go to wordpress.mydomain.com
    Also I don’t know if this helps but I noticed after changing those two addresses mydomain.com/wordpress gets redirected to wordpress.mydomain.com/wordpress

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  • Likely you need to update your permalinks.

    Would the issue be permalinks if the main index page isn’t even showing up?

    After unmasking my subdomain and changing the blog address to wordpress.mydomain.com, while leaving the wordpress address as mydomain.com/wordpress, I noticed that the permalinks did take on the correct format with the subdomain, however when I type my subdoamin into the browser address bar it gets redirected to mydomain.com/wordpress/wordpress I’m not sure whats causing the extra “/wordpress” to be added.

    fairly weird – both blog and site url should work with the subdomain address.
    I’ll be off work in about 6 hours if you want me to look at it – just click on my name and use contact form on my site if you can’t figure it out. I would be interested to know the resolution as I do a lot of subdomain installs and have not seen this.

    I set the wordpres address to mydomain.com/wordpress and the blog address to wordpress.mydomain.com, then installed Disable Canonical URL Redirection Plugin to stop the redirect loop i was getting, then masked the sub domain so the browser address bar displays the subdomain instead of the directory, I still can’t get “pretty” permalinks to work but I guess thats a diffrent issue :-S

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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