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  • Hello:

    I would like to create an entire website including a blog with WordPress.

    I read installation instructions that I can install either at the root directory or a subdirectory.

    If I want to create an entire website, would I be correct in installing WP in the root?

    If so, when I create my website pages (contact us, services, privacy policy, etc), which will be static pages, can I change the name of the URL to show the actual name of the page?

    If so, how do I accomplish this?

    On the menu, I would like to have a link for the blog. How do I create this link?

    All my reading about WP, I believe you don’t create HTML pages and link to them.

    I’m trying to understand how all of this is connected.


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  • It would seem you need to understand some of the very basics of how WordPress works.

    First off, installing in a subdirectory is helpful as a organisational thing for all those hundreds of files. The website can still appear to be at your main address, ( rather than the subdirectory ( using the instructions here:

    You make your homepage be a static page and then your blog can be a link off it. Making the main page static can be accomplished in this way:

    Changing the name of the url to show the name of the page is what is controlled by the Permalinks setting in WordPress. Get to know it well:

    Believe me, none of this is as complicated as it might look if you’re new to this. Just try things out one at a time and you’ll figure it out.

    Hope this gets you started,

    Hi There,

    It may not matter where you install wordpress, i.e. as under root like

    or under directories in root like

    You can change the site url in wp-admin under

    Settings > General

    You can also change the way you want your URL to display pages under

    Settings > Permalinks

    Hope this helps,


    i have some problems in installation can anyone guide me..

    I guess I’m over analyzing all of this. I guess I’m having a tough time connecting the dots.

    What drives a person’s decision whether to install at the root or in a sub-directory?

    I want to create a website from scratch which will include your typical pages: index.html, contact.html, services.html, etc. The website also needs to have a blog.

    Do I still need to create the .html version of all these pages and then reference them in WordPress? Or, do I create these pages in WordPress directly?

    If so, then wouldn’t the WordPress software need to be installed on the root directory?

    You can use wordpress as a website with blog no need to create any html pages as wordpress is program where you can create both.

    You can use wordpress from root as well as from folder it all depends on how you want to manage your website.

    In wordpress we use permalinks so that your urls are rewritten as

    if you notice there no html

    A good example would be visit my website by clicking on my name and you will see that the way I have setup is that all my articles are on top menu in categories and all my pages are in bottom menu.

    I’ve been doing some more reading and let me see if I’m following.

    For organization reasons, I thought about uploading the WordPress files to a subdirectory called blog.

    Then, in Settings > General, I would set the WordPress URL as and the Site URL as

    I would then create my pages (home, about us, contact, services, etc) in WordPress, set these pages as static because they won’t change very often, and change my permalink to Custom Structure as %pagename% so the name of the page appears in the URL.

    Even though, I’m creating these pages within the blog directory, a person will be able to type and the static home page will appear.

    Is this correct?

    Yes but to do that you will need copy index.php file that is in blog folder to root and add foldername in line 17

    Great! I’ll give this a try and see what happens.

    I was reading article from the docs on the site for WordPress, At one point, it mentions WordPress Core Files.

    When I FTP the WordPress files to my server, are there certain files that need to go to the root directory and other files to the subdirectory? Or, do I just upload all the files to the subdirectory?

    You upload all wordpress files in directory and have a copy ofindex.php file in root with that change line 17 as per instruction No.9 and reset your permalinks

    remember to login in admin you will need to use

    Ok, I’ll give it a try and see what happens.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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