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  • Hello All,

    I am going to create a website using WordPress. However, I have not registred for a domain name yet.

    I am going to install wordpress on my own server at home (I am using Kubuntu Linux 12.04, btw) and want my client to access the website at my server without a domain name. Is it possible to do such and/or is there any practical way to create and access to a WP site without a domain name?


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  • You could set up a dynamic DNS address through somebody like FreeDNS which would provide you with an address for use with clients. You could either a) set up a new FreeDNS subdomain for each client site, or b) use a single subdomain and use subdirectories for each client site.

    Thank you cconover. I will tri it immediately.

    By the way, can I access the website through my ip address? In fact, I just installed wp on my apache2 server, configured wp-config and entered the dashboard. However, from another computer out of my network, I cannot access the website and connection cannot be established. Is it also dns related?

    That is not dns related. You’ll have to configure your router. It depends on which brand your using (Linksys/NetGear, etc) but typically
    gets you to a login prompt.

    Once in, you’ll need to forward port 80 to the ip address for your computer. Now, this leads to the need to make sure the same ip address is assigned to your computer and there are several options for that depending on your brand/make/model of router.

    Consider security, also. Make sure the necessary files and folders have the correct permissions, anti-virus, don’t have other ports open, etc.

    I’m no expert in this stuff. Google is your friend here.


    You can access it via IP address, but that poses a few issues. First, it’s likely that your home connection has a dynamic IP address, which means that it could change if your connection goes offline, or your ISP decides to change it. Depending on your ISP this may not be very likely (I’ve had the same IP at my house since I moved in over a year ago) but it’s a possibility. Therefore, giving clients the IP address to access a site is a little shaky. Plus, IP addresses are cumbersome to deal with compared to domains & subdomains.

    Second, if you want to use subdomains to separate sites, the IP address won’t get you there. You could separate sites using subdirectories in which case the IP would work, but that comes back to it being cumbersome.

    Galaktican is right about needing to configure your router for port forwarding. Check the model number of your router and Google it – you can typically find an owner’s manual or configuration information for your specific router this way. Port 80, as he mentioned, is the port for HTTP. Forward this port to your server’s internal IP address.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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