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    The plugin is still a must have in my opinion so I uninstalled the plugin completly with instructions on this forum with clear and optimized options. I had an old version before the horror updates this week. And I found a code to disbable the plugin updates, because you will see all the time there is a new update with a large note with updates in your plugin screen, which is very annoying.

    Place this after you install the old version, in the functions.php and you don’t see that there is a new update from w3total cache. Thanks for this script : Manpreet Singh Rehsi

    function stop_plugin_update( $value ) {
     unset( $value->response['w3-total-cache/w3-total-cache.php'] );
     return $value;
    add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'stop_plugin_update' );

    I will have this in my functions.php till I see a green thing with works on this plugin site, than I can remove the function. I have installed the old version of w3total cache and I have my A status back on GTmetrix and also my site is fast as it was before.


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  • These are great instructions. Is there any way I can get the old version from you? I love w3tc but this has been a mess.

    Stable version is
    You can download it here :

    Thank you, hothbricks!

    Awesome! I was just about to ask for this! Thank you!

    I reverted to after two days of nightmare. Everything is back to normal with this version.

    Just delete the plugin from plugin itnerface, then go FTP and delete the remaining folder and file in /wp-content & /wp-content/plugins.

    Stable version is

    There even is a better version out there.

    You will want to install the fork from wmiles.

    Check this, this and this thread to understand why.

    From my experience, it is the best version released so far, although it is not from the original author. It contains fixes and enhancements that make it a stable and kind of benchmark release. Go check it out. You will be pleased, it is better than the original version released by Frederick Townes.



    oh boy I can’t spell .. I mean disable .. anyway I don’t take the risk to use a tweak version of w3total cache. I trust on the original author to come with a new update which will give a green block with Works ! till that time I use W3Total Cache as I wrote above.

    wp-fan wrote:

    W3 Total Cache forked is better than the original version released by Frederick Townes.

    Even for me, but the older development (2011-08-31) was even better! introducing new features and more bugfix but for me are bugged … 🙂

    Now for a new REAL STABLE version have to wait 2 more years until 2015? :lol

    I am also using the W3 Total Cache forked version. I am amazed at what wmiles has achieved with the extra code in the forked version. It goes to show how important it is to know PHP……

    Slowly but surely I will get there one day 🙂

    Kind regards

    I just installed forked version following positive feedback here.
    It works perfectly.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I’m sorry but this is terrible advice. It’s best to simply check forums or the plugin’s home page about when it appears to be safe to update rather than trying to limit the updates. You miss out on improvements, fixes and security updates otherwise.

    No one bothers to ask what the causes of the issues are in the latest releases and they are simply caused by changing to WP’s APIs for managing files under the direction of WP Core developers. We’re in the process of changing things back to the way they were. Caching plugins write files and if you change the way you write files you’re going to have an unstable plugin. So as I said, we’re working to take things back to normal. I’m sorry for the trouble, but update notices should ever be blocked.

    If you guys think that after 3y we’re not going to continue to fix bugs and make a better product then expectations need to be adjust. The plugin is not at final release yet (v1.0) and it’s not going to get there if people assume that what already has been made is all that is needed or is the best that things can be. I’ve made it free so we can all benefit and I’ve implemented some of the most comprehensive support systems into the plugin directly for the same reason.

    I am sure that everybody understand what you explain here.

    But in the same time, most of us have production websites and we cannot afford to go into the troubles we met with and versions.

    Maybe most of us did the update too quickly, hoping for good or better.
    Disaster occured, and while some of us are comfortable with fixing issues with our WP installations, some others are just left behind with broken websites.

    I hope that you will succeed in proposing an updated version which can work on most installations, as it seems that some troubles occur only under certain specific conditions.

    I value W3 Total Cache not because it’s free, but because it makes me save some money on hosting, not being forced to spend a lot more on hardware thanks to caching of contents.

    Keep up the good work.

    Plugin Author Frederick Townes


    I realize that, every one who is operating their site commercially should have a testing environment for their sites as well as backups. Caching plugins (that work) require changes to the disk and that means that there is going to be a need for testing. As always, sorry for the trouble.

    This is also something I learned here, and it should be mentionned and mentionned again : testing environnement AND backups to revert if trouble.

    As I said, what you do here is of high value for tons of people. They all know that, they save money, thy get higher ranking in search engines, their visitors are getting faster to the content, etc… W3 Total Cache is a key plugin for most of us. Hence the screaming and crying sometimes 😉

    Hi, why i can’t install Stable version is I have problem after update latest version… My site have problem. I’m italian end my english is bad

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