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  • Finally I got WordPress to install correctly. I know this might not be the correct way but it is quite fuzzy to install this if you are doing a stand-alone server. So I’m sure there are 50 “Arm-chair Quarterbacks” that can tell me how I did it wrong except for the bolded text

    Below is how I did it

    1. Installed the SLES 11 SP2 as a WEB Server
    2. Installed PHP and MySQL from YaST (Software Management)
    3. Downloaded WordPress 3.3.1 and un-tared it to /srv/www/vhosts/wordpress/
    4. chmod -R 755 * on wordpress/
    5. chown -R wwwrun:www * on wordpress/
    6. Configured HTTP Server through YaST
    7. Enabled PHP, set the directory, and all addresses set to default
    8. Went to WordPress Docs and used the MySQL Client portion:

    HERE IS where the issue was:
    I created the database then the:
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* TO "wordpressusername"@"hostname" IDENTIFIED BY "password";
    and did get the response “Query OK” followed by the FLUSH PRIVILEGES which was okay.
    I could not move on to the next step (Finishing Installation) because I was get the ‘Error establishing a database connection’
    So I rabbit holed the problem going back to anything that could be causing it and even couldnt get phpMyAdmin to even work. After a few hours of backtracking and searching I found that if I did the GRANT ALL ON instead of GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON and also the SET PASSWORD FOR some_user@some_host = OLD_PASSWORD('your_old password_here');it worked!
    ————-Continuing on—————-
    9. http://localhost and completed the site by adding the title and the administrator login
    10. Setup FTP service from YaST (vsftpd) for remote uploads for templates and site changes

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