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  • after getting some much needed support from all the good folks here i thought i’d share my success so far in getting mygallery up and running. step by step for the newbies like me.

    how to install
    upload mygallery to the plugins folder
    create a folder called ‘myfotos’ inside the ‘wp-content’ folder
    chmod the ‘myfotos’ folder to 777
    activate the plugin
    on the dashboard toolbar select ‘manage’, ‘pages’
    create a new page
    take note of the ID number afterwards
    select ‘mygallery’ on the dashboard toolbar
    there are 4 options, ‘mygallery’, ‘management’, ‘options’ & ‘style’
    select ‘mygallery’
    choose ‘create … as new empty gallery’ (give this a name, say ‘pix1′(no quotes))
    hit ‘submit’
    go to ‘gallery management’, select your gallery ‘pix1’ from the drop menu
    click ‘ok’
    gallery options will then appear
    under page ID put the number you noted earlier
    give it a description
    give it a long name (a brief write-up)
    click update
    go back to ‘dashboard, manage pages’
    ‘edit’ the page you made for the gallery
    paste [mygal=pix1] into the page (i use the html function)
    your page is now a gallery (albeit with no pics yet)
    to upload pix into the gallery
    go to ‘dashboard, mygallery’
    go to ‘mygallery’ within that
    choose ‘upload to gallery (choose pix1 from the dropdown)
    browse for a pic on your machine
    hit ‘submit’
    your image has now been uploaded
    to add captions etc
    go to ‘gallery management’
    select ‘pix1’ from the dropdown
    hit ‘ok’
    the gallery contents will now show
    you can now add captions, alter titles, delete images etc
    hit ‘update’ when done
    if you have several galleries and you wish to group them
    create a new page
    paste [mygallistgal] in the page
    that page will now list all the galleries within your site
    to hide the single gallery pages but display the grouped page
    go to ‘dashboard, presentation’
    choose ‘theme editor’
    by default it takes you to style.css
    choose to edit ‘sidebar’
    where it says
    <?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=<h2>’ . __(”) . ‘</h2>&sort_column=menu_order’); ?>
    <?php wp_list_pages(‘exclude=14,15,17&title_li=<h2>’ . __(”) . ‘</h2>&sort_column=menu_order’); ?>
    i have added the line exclude=14,15,17&
    this will exclude the pages with the page IDs specified
    obviously the numbers will change depending on what page/s you want to hide
    hit ‘update file’
    if there is no ‘update file’ button
    your page is not set to be writable
    in your FTP editor
    go to wp-content/themes/THE THEME YOU’RE USING/
    chmod the sidebar.php file to 666 (do all of them in fact)

    hope this helps some of you out

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  • Thx for that. With your permission, I will add this to the myGallery page.

    ok im like retarded… how do i post a new thread on this forum?

    Thanks for this great plugin. 🙂

    Go to and scroll to the way bottom to get to the forum sections. Click on the appropriate section and click on the “New Thread” link.

    Wow! Thanks for your instructions, smooth! Question, any idea how to make images open up in their own window?

    @clarke1866: I take this as a feature request for the next version. Btw.: I need some volunteers for betatesting.

    tboley, you have my full permission.
    I have another question.
    the previous, next and back to gallery links. how do i make those more noticeable? can we use images instead?

    @zentaochi: Thx.

    “the previous, next and back to gallery links. how do i make those more noticeable? can we use images instead?”

    Yes, in the next version of myGallery witch is currently in beta test.

    cool. consider me a test subject then.

    @zentaochi: Mail me your mail adress, and I send you the beta version.

    Hi tboley, please could you email me the beta version as well. My email is ni AT softhome DOT net


    zentaochi at hotmail dot com

    @gingerol, zentaochi: You have got mail! 🙂

    zentaochi or tboley…

    I’m having trouble getting mygallery to work. I *think* I’ve done everything right, as I’ve went through zentaochi’s steps twice. I get the “mygallery” tab on the dashboard and all the steps appear to work. However, when I type in [mygal=pix1] into the page contents, it doesn’t display anything at all.

    I looked in the myfotos folder, and the gallery (and the test image I uploaded) is there, but I can’t see the pix1 gallery on the page I’ve created.

    I’m using WordPress 1.5.2. Do I need to upgrade in order to get this to work? Thank you for your help.

    @tobe1st: Sorry for the delay, but I working hard on the new version of myGallery. What ist the name of your gallery? pix1 or Pix1 (with capital letter)? You see nothing, not even the tag on the page or an error message?

    tboley, the name of the gallery is “pix1” (all lower) and is as such on the page that I have designated for the gallery to display as well. The only thing that I typed in the box when creating the gallery page was “[mygal=pix1]” without the quotes. All that displays on my page when it is viewed is the title. Aside from that, I see nothing at all.

    strangely, i created another page to use as the index to list all galleries, and the listgal command works: it lists pix1 as a gallery…that takes me to a page with just the title on it. I do not know what I’m doing wrong.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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