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  • I want to start using WordPress for my clients.

    I have done a lot of research on how to move a WordPress site to another server, and I believe I have that figured out. But I’m concerned about the database part.

    My plan is to create a subdirectory for each client and then install WordPress into the subdirectory (via Fantastico). However, I’m concerned that this will overwrite the database of my own WordPress site.

    I know I can have multiple installation in the same database by changing the wp-config file. But that won’t work if I want to move the database and website to the clients hosting server later on.

    I wonder if it would be better to install the client test site on a subdirectory of the clients hosting server, and then move it to the main directory after testing? I know this won’t be good if the client doesn’t pay, but it seems so much easier.

    There just isn’t enough detailed information on how to use WordPress for clients in a step by step setup and installation process description.

    Can anybody share how they do it for their clients?

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  • usually I install it on a folder on my server
    get it the way client wants
    download database dump
    install wordpress on client server
    import database
    edit database to reflect 2 new url’s

    more info here

    This doesn’t answer my question. I know the steps, but I need to know specifically about the database installation.

    I did some more research and I’m pretty sure that I will have to manually install WordPress into a subdirectory to avoid overwriting my existing database. This way I can create a new database from scratch naming it by the client for example. Am I right?

    I also wonder if I move the site via the export/import feature in WordPress (see below) , if I have to worry about the database dump at all?

    1. Create an export file.
    2. Install WordPress on your new host.
    3. Import the WordPress export files.

    “to avoid overwriting my existing database” is very simple.

    Don’t use the same database as your other installs. Each WordPress installation has a wp-config.php. Just make sure you create a new database in cPanel, then use that in your wp-config.php file. Then in phpMyAdmin when ‘restoring’ your backup from the other server just make sure you are IN the correct database.

    And yes you could do the export, install, import process, you just suggested.

    Ok, I know now that I can’t install via Fantastico as this will overwrite the current database.

    I’ve never installed WordPress manually, but I just tried and everything worked as expected.

    Here are the steps for anyone else in the same situation:

    • Create Database & User in Cpanel
    • Download WordPress files onto harddrive
    • Change wp-config file (add database name, username, password)
    • Upload files to client subdirectory on server
    • Go to
    • Enter Blog Title (i.e. Client Company Name)
    • Email address: your email address
    • Click “Install WordPress”
    • Copy automatic username and password to clipboard
    • Login with automatic username and password
    • You will get to WordPress dashboard
    • Change password (recommended)

    Voila, you’re set to start designing the theme for the client.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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