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  1. childers
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am having a real problem understanding how this whole thing works. In the requirements, there is a list of PHP, MySql, etc. items. My host has all that. So I downloaded the software and installed it and it "seems" to work fine. BUT I want to use the "register" and "contact" functions to send me emails from users; this will NOT work. Even though there is the message "submission successful", the email is never really sent.

    I purchased a template for photographers from http://www.prophotoblogs.com which is quite nice BUT that does not solve the problem of emailing. The developers of the template tell me that my host MUST enable PHP MAIL for the email to work. My host states that that is a Linux function and I guess my host does NOT use Linux.

    So I come back to the WordPress.org website and look for the requirements for the host. THEN I NOTICE that the developers of WordPress.org "assumes" that host servers are using Linux. They NEVER state that is a requirement "in so many words".

    So my question: MUST I FIND A HOST THAT USES LINUX or Can I continue using the host that I have had for years since PHP is available?

    If I can continue to use my host, how can I get the "register" and "contact" functions to work and actually send emails?

    I do hope there is someone out there that understands this stuff because I am caught in the middle and clueless as to what any of it means.


  2. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Theres no requirement, hard OR soft, that the hosting environment be Linux based.

    WordPress works just fine on properly configured Windows boxes.

    I work for a host. We have working WordPress blogs on windows 2003 servers running IIS.

    Furthermore, what you are describing is NOT an issue with WordPress, it's an issue with PHP's mail() function communicating with the mail daemon (assuming the host even has mail set up properly).

    See this:


    and maybe this:


    You get the idea.

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