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  • I am installing WP using Fantastico and the text for the “Install in directory is confusing.
    It states: “Enter only the directory name to install in a directory (for http://domain/name/ enter name only). This directory SHOULD NOT exist, it will be automatically created!”

    The instructions say to use the NAME of the directory but then it states tht this NAME should not exist? I already have a folder for a section that I want to add the blog too. Can i install it in there with out ruining anthng that I have set up as far as a page? What happens to the automatic creation?

    Sorry if this is a REALLY basic question!


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  • Estilan,

    Just put in whatever you want to follow your domain name. For instance, if you put the word “blog” in the blank (without quotations) you will get the following URL for wordpress after the Fantastico install:


    If you already have a location for the install of WP, just upload them with ftp and don’t use Fantastico. Or, if you really want to use the name of the folder, erase your folder, and then let Fantastico re-create it for you by using the above description. The instructions are trying to keep you from creating two locations with the same name.

    Estilan: Sorry for hijacking the thread, but just one teeny question to addon after your problems are solved. And what does one actually have to do to have the blog address at

    Anyone knows?

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    Ryanwoon, you would have to setup a subdomain through your hosting provider.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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