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  • Please be nice – I’m learning very slowly.

    Here’s my main problem: I have a primary domain that has a WP website up and running (I inherited it and am trying to learn WP on a new site before I go into the primary domain and screw [I]that[/I] one up. It has google PR of 3-5 for some keywords, and some clickbank links that were added by the prior owner.)

    So, I want to start a totally different blog with a totally different domain. I get that I need to do that as an add-on and have figured out how to do that on HostGator. BUT, I want to keep the potential of using this domain name later as an affiliate products storefront, still utilizing the blog as a resource to generate traffic.

    I thought this could be done by installing WP in a separate folder like I can do that when I install WP, correct? BUT how do I get that /blog page to show up when someone searches for And how will the blog be ‘found’ if (when) I start using htt’//add-on-domain as a storefront?

    (I originally thought to move the blog later, but then realized that I would likely end up with broken links so I’d rather try to avoid that.)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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