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    I have installed WordPress v 3.5 (that version was recommended by the developer of our template theme), and tried to follow the instructions in the “ReadMe” file, but there is no “wp-admin/install.php” file. So, obviously, WP does not install.

    I’m running Windows 7 with hosting by GoDaddy (we have two other websites that run entirely on WP for 4 years now just fine). Today was the first time that someone specifically told me that we should be running on Linux. (I have a CS degree, so fairly familiar with Linux and generally like it.)

    Also, the installation instructions that came with the download make no mention of any special kind of instructions for installation “on Windows”, such as one finds online.

    Is there an easy fix for this? I have spent 14 hours working on this because the developer did not provide any sort of notice prior to my “troubleshooting” call that the latest version of WP was not compatible with the product.

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  • Are you trying to install WordPress locally on your computer? If so see this guide:

    If you are trying to install on your Godaddy account, see this guide:



    Yes, I’m very familiar with that guide. I’ve clicked on almost every link with the word “installation” on this site. Also, those are instructions for the latest version, 3.6, but I need to use 3.5. (Installing on GoDaddy)



    What type of hosting account at Go Daddy … Linux or Windows. Linux is preferred and the easiest and it’s a snap to set up WP on a GD Linux account.

    If it’s a Linux shared account, I will post a run-through. If Windows, well, back to the search as I have very little experience with that for hosting, other than to determine it is not worth the extra effort unless absolutely required for some other purpose than WP.



    Try these instructions for Windows servers:

    But reading over it…I don’t think it would work with GoDaddy hosting as it requires access to the IIS server settings. Hmmm.

    Another idea: Download WordPress 3.5.2 from here:
    and upload the missing files to your WordPress install on the server. Don’t overwrite wp-content/themes as that’s where your custom theme is located.

    Hope this helps.



    – wish I had gotten Linux package, but for whatever reason our webmaster has us set up on Windows servers for our other websites.

    bemdesign – yeah, with IIS you do indeed need to be in charge of the servers

    I have the correct files now, and config file edited correctly. However, when I point the URL to I get the following response: No input file specified.

    Going through the forum, I see a number of similar things, but not that specifically (of course, the subject “installation problems” is more time consuming than helpful).

    Any thoughts?



    Does your server have PHP enabled? (have to ask – you never know and I think by default IIS has PHP disabled).



    Hi, I have just registered with wordpress, I have searched for a theme that will suit my needs, however in the dashboard when I try to find/search for the theme “graphene” it is not there, it is a free theme, please help

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