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  • I have MySQL working at my host
    I know this because I have MySQL Control Center connected to it from my machine at home.
    I followed your install instructions very carefully, but I get the following error message:
    Error establishing a database connection!
    I have checked my code very carefully – even tried different settings for the host name – I tried ‘localhost’ and the host name I use when connecting with MySQL Control Center.
    I even changed the password and checked it with MySQL Control Center.
    None of the combinations will work. I always get the same error message.
    If I can get connected with MySQL Control Center, why wouldn’t I be able to connect with WordPress?
    I’d appreciate any help, otherwise I’ll have to abandon my attempt to use WordPress.
    Regards, Dingo

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  • Have you created a database within mysql for WordPress to use ?
    Have you ensured that the ‘user’ has all priviledges over that database ?

    MySQL Control Center is showing me that there is a database, but no tables in it.
    I was under the impression that the WordPress install process would build the tables required for WordPress.
    This is my first attempt to use the MySQL database provided by my hosting service. In fact, it’s my first attempt to use MySQL.
    Perhaps I should leave WordPress alone for a while until I learn more about using MySQL on my hosting service.

    Hey, I know *nothing* about any flavour of sql !
    I would email the host, and ask them for a step-by-step on creating and using a database. They should get straight back to you.
    Once you are up and running, you very probably will not need to mess with the database, so that email is very much worth it.
    The error is probably very minor, but it’s times like that that the lack of any decent error messages doesn’t help.
    Good luck 🙂

    Do you have PHP on your server and what is the name of your MySQL database?

    The name of the MySQL server on my host is: MYSQLDB_52422
    I know the database is working because I used a PHP tutorial to set up a contacts table on it which I can see on MySQL Control Center.
    But when I try to go into the User Administration section of MySQL Control Center to check the user settings for my database at, I get an error message saying: You don’t have enough privileges to access this section
    Sorry, I’m lost again!!

    Progress at last !!
    It seems I must have set up the database when I did the PHP tutorial exercise. I thought it existed before, but I must have assumed too much.
    Thinking this might be the case, I tried another installation of WordPress and it worked. I can see the tables in MySQL Control Center.
    However, I messed up the installation by accepting my web address without adding the directory “WordPress” where the WordPress files are located.
    *What is the web address of your WordPress installation? (We probably guessed it for you correctly.) *
    I accepted my basic web address. Should I have added: /wordpress
    What should I do now, please?
    Sorry for this long installation process, but I think I’m sorting out a lot of problems along the way – and I hope this helps others using which I have found to be an excellent web hosting service.

    I’ve fixed the problem and my web log is now working !!!
    Congratulations to all concerned for creating a great system – and in PHP so I can learn so much from the code.
    My Blog is at:
    My difficulties were due to my inexperience – first time I’ve used MySQL !!
    Your simple installation system made the process really easy.
    Thanks a million.

    Welcome to WP !

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