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    I’ve tried to install it, but it doesnt work

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'CSF_Fields' not found in /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/settings/helper.php:10 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/settings.php(30): include_once() #1 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/settings.php(19): StarcatReview\Includes\Settings->init_settings() #2 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/plugin.php(71): StarcatReview\Includes\Settings->__construct() #3 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/plugin.php(20): Starcat_Review->load_components() #4 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/plugin.php(103): Starcat_Review->__construct() #5 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/starcat-review.php(69): require('/var/www/wptbox...') #6 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/starcat-review.php(58): SCR_Plugin->starcat_review_run() #7 /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/starcat-review.php(51): SCR_Plugin->__con in /var/www/wptbox/wp-content/plugins/starcat-review/includes/settings/helper.php on line 10
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  • Hi There,

    Sorry about that. This is really strange, as we have not received this from any other users. We are not able to reproduce it in our local either.

    Could you please give me your website details and temporary admin access to your site so that I could check this down and fix it straightaway for you?

    You can send us your details by creating a ticket at pauple.freshdesk.com.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Kind Regards.

    Hi There,

    Did you try deleting and installing it again?

    We are still waiting for your response so that I could have a look at this and fix it straightaway for you.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind Regards.

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    Sorry for not getting back to you, but I found another solution with another plugins.

    No problem.

    If possible, would you be so kind to provide us your staging site access so that we could verify why this happened? This would help us at least to stop this happening for our future customers.

    If you are willing, you can provide us your details by creating a ticket at pauple.freshdesk.com

    Kind Regards.

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