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  • Resolved DesignLoud


    I am trying to run the install part of this using ./install-clouse and after entering the info requested I keep getting this error:

    ERROR 1126 (HY000) at line 1: Can’t open shared library ‘/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/’ (errno: 2 /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ undefined symbol: my_pthread_fastmutex_init)

    Any advice?

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  • Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    Hi Artem, so we have setup a separate server and mysql database. We have installed clouse on that server.

    now when we activate wp2cloud and upload images then I see blank images, in the upload url I see your parameters but we can’t get the images to come through..

    Documentation is hard to follow and all spread out across the web so can you tell me if we need to do anything to our *new database that has clouse installed like adding tables or exporting tables from our current WP database to the new one?

    I feel like we are almost there but I don’t know what the last steps are if any.

    have followed all of your documentation. If we do need to add tables to our new database could you provide examples?

    I see this section in your documentation..

    ALTER TABLE wp_commentmeta ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_comments ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_links ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_options ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_postmeta ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_posts ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_term_relationships ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_term_taxonomy ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_terms ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_usermeta ENGINE=ClouSE;
    ALTER TABLE wp_users ENGINE=ClouSE;

    We just want to store media and media uploads on our s3 account. With that said how would we do that? And if we have to take the above steps should I put those mySQL commands in our existing WP database, or do I put those in our new database hosted on the separate server?

    Plugin Author Artem Livshits


    We just want to store media and media uploads on our s3 account. With that said how would we do that?

    What you’ve done already should be enough to store media uploads to S3. Could you send your website address and samples of broken image links to support at oblaksoft dot com?

    Thanks so much for your help Artem, it ended up being a firewall on our secondary server so we allowed that IP and now everything works perfectly.

    thanks so much for your great plugin and excellent support!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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