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    probably very simple i know, but i’m new

    i can’t find the html editor to install the code they gave me with a paypal button
    and i’m not sure exactly what to do with it once i find it

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  • I use the code that looks like this:
    <form action="" method="post"> ... </form>
    To place that on a page, edit the page in “Text” mode.

    thank you for responding

    something very interesting happened when i tried to use your prefix and suffix

    at first i simply altered the code pay pal had given starting with

    <form action=”https://www.paypal…./form>

    replacing the < with a <
    and on the end replaced the /form> with </form>

    and nothing happened

    then i did a second trial simply adding on the prefix and suffix you suggested even though it duplicated a half a line of code already in the paypal code and left a second unaltered copy of the code paypal supplied below on the same page

    and when i went to view the updated draft both the altered code and the unaltered code appeared the same

    when i put ‘ …’ around the code it came up the same but with the backticks around it

    i don’t understand the “allowed markup” instructions so i haven’t done that

    i’m reluctant to publish this page with the full code paypal gave me since i’m not sure if there might be security issues, although if you think that would help let me know and i can publish it temporarily so that you can see what it looks like

    Paypal provides the compiled code which you don’t have to alter. Just enter it as instructed above and it will work.

    thanks everybody

    i went back to paypal, got a fresh copy of the code and pasted it in under text mode and it worked fine

    thank’s for your help and patience

    perhaps when i first pasted the code into the page i did it in visual mode and from there on out the copy got corrupted–whatever it was it seems to be ok now, thank you again

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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