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    Hi there, so Ive been trying over a week now to get this install of wordpress to work. Fair enough I am new to this so maybe thats why its proving to be so difficult but I dont think it should take this long, anyway heres the situation and yes I have been reading the instal information.

    – I have a working InnoHosting webspace , beginneers shared server space,
    with cPanel pre installed as well as all the other gubings you would exspect.

    – My domain name points to the correct IP address
    – I can login to this space via my ftp (FileZila)
    – I have uploaded wordpress to the server to either the main / area or seperate /myblog folder. (both dont work)

    – In cPanel I have created a MySQL database and called it wordpress in phpmyadmin and copied that info in the the wp-config.php and uploaded that in replacement onto the server

    – I next go to
    and or
    and I get a html 404 Request Not Found error…..

    – If I run the ftp version, I get “PHP is not isntalled error”

    I I run the ftp install-helper I get jargon….
    takes me to a Index of ftp page
    Takes me to a not found 404 error page ( weird!)

    ( Im aware that I have to run the install via my host name not ftp at the start, but I wanted to show what happens)

    – So both ways dont work, which is strange, I have a html index file in the main directory and it links to a welcome note when you go to just the website, also the IP on its own links u to the cPanel Congrats page.

    Im thinking that maybe its because I havent told word press some how where to go to find the database or server folders properly.

    I checked that the databas info in the wpconfig.php file are correct,
    but phpmyadmin is a werid tool and cant seem to create a table inside it and im thinking I probley should!

    Other than that Im completly stumped, people have mentioned editing htacess files to fix the php not installed on server error. Ive been working on this for to long and would really apreciate some more help 🙁


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    Where exactly did you upload WordPress to within your root domain folder? I can’t find any reference to it on your site.

    Hello, I opened it and drag all the folders and .php files to the root domain folder. I can see them in there, they are not in a wordpress folder. I can see them in my ftp ( such as wp-content and wp-admin etc) under all the other folders I have ( like cPanel and www etc).



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    Yes – but which folder? www? htdocs?

    From what I can tell the wordpress folders are in the right place, hense why the ftp can see them in the index and attempts to run the instal.php file when looked up in a brouser.

    The root directory contains:

    – .cpaddons
    – .cpanel
    – .htpasswods
    – access-logs
    – etc
    – mail
    – public_ftp
    – public_html
    – tmp
    – wp-admin
    – wp-content
    – wp-includes
    – www
    – gemrc
    – .lastlogin
    – cpbackup-excludes….
    – index.php
    – wp-activate.php
    – wp-app.php
    – wp-comments-post…
    – wp-config.php
    – wp-cron.php
    – wp-links-opml.php
    – wp-load.php
    – wp-login.php
    – wp-mail.php
    – wp-settings.php
    – wp-signup.php
    – wp-traceback.php
    – xmlrpc.php

    As I mentioned my ftp can see the files but we cant run the install file on are brouser (the latest firefox) without running into either the not found 404 or php not installed errors.

    I have contacted are host provider to see if they can install it for us at there end and the we can attempt to login and do what we need to do from here.



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    You need to upload WordPress to the public_html folder. That’s your web root folder.

    Hello again, sorry for the late reply, I thought I would get back and let you know that the issue has been fixed 🙂

    I did try your suggestion of installing on the public root folder, but this didnt seem to work for me.

    As I couldnt get the installer to work from here I contacted my host provider InnoHosting and they installed it for us on the shared server space.

    Apperently according to them, a password error in wp-config.php was causing WordPress installer to not see the database correctly.

    I did find this strange, as we doubled checked this information was correct before hand and yet it was apperently wrong … Its possible that because I has multiple wordpress install folders in different locations on are server space, I could have been editing the wrong config file.

    Anyway thank you for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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