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  • Hi,
    Totally flummoxed and frustrated.
    I have been able to get the whole install process to work in the past but am not able to now. I don’t know/remember what I did differently then than now.
    I created a new directory locally and downloaded the current version. Went through the install process and got the page to make create the config file. then get message about no database connection.
    I created a db, named it and went in following the directions Still get the same message.
    I tried manually configuring the config file to no avail.

    What (simple) step am I missing?
    thank you so, so much

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  • esmi


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    Is this a local or remote install?

    thanks for getting back to me

    Can you please share the config.php file code on the pastebin site and also provide the database details separately?

    Please let me know if you created the database via phpadmin or any other method?



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    Are you sure that your MySQL server is running?

    Hi Pali,
    Not sure what you mean by the pastebin site or which db details.
    I created the db manually through phpMyAdmin.

    esmi, I’m pretty sure the MySQL server is running. How would I check? I have other WP sites running locally.
    (sound like a real newbie here! thanks for all your patience.)



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    If you have other WP sites running locally, then your MySQL sever must be running. Double check your database details: db name, username, password and host.

    By database details I meant

    1. Database name of the database you created
    2. The username you created to access the database
    3. The password for the username

    By pastebin I meant that you can go to a site called pastebin dot com and create a new paste which will allow you to post the code of the config.php file. That is the best way to share code on this forum since forum guidelines do not permit sharing of code on forum posts.

    Hope this makes sense. If not then please let me know.

    sorry about the delay in posting back.
    About the pastebin, feel uncomfortable with posting info there since the forum guidelines don’t allow. (What is the code button for?) Sorry if this precludes any help.

    About the db.I created it but there was no prompt for a user name or password. Is there a default set for this?
    In the past, it seems that WP has automatically configured that, set it up for me.

    Yes, the MySQL server is definitely working.

    thank you.

    My friend the forum in fact advises to post content to pastebin and not to post code in the forums. Please check

    Have you created the wp-config.php file as described at

    Hi Pali,
    My humble apologies for not being aware of the forum advise.
    I did try to set up the config file.
    Please see for the code used as requested above.
    thank you

    Usually I get that message when I create the database, but forget to add a user to the database. Did you add a user named target to the database?

    If not, double check the values you put into wp-config.php. I apologize if you tried all this, just thought I’d throw in my two cents.

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