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  • InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Challenge required.

    Can’t connect to instagram. Keep getting we detected an unusual loin attempt, keep hitting “This Was Me” but it still won’t go through.

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  • @bruno808 i have the same exact problem as you. Did u get fixed tho?

    @bruno808 also do u have another instagram acc that we can text eachother abt our problem?


    I still get this error and have tried to sort this with a few free proxies. Doesnt seem to connect.

    1. Does anyone know if buying a proxy resolves this ?
    2. If so, any idea where to buy an affordable proxy server for Stockholm, Sweden ?

    This error is driving me mad!


    В Instagram включите двухфакторную аутентификацию с подтверждением по телефону.
    В настройках браузера пропишите прокси вашего города.
    После повторите попытку активации.

    В плагине появится окошка куда нужно будет ввести код подтверждения с телефона.

    У меня так заработало.

    Same problem – I’ve been trying several times per day for a couple of weeks now, approving the connection in my Instagram app, but I never see anything except the “challenge required” error message.

    its work before now it didnt work anymore please solve this problem bro..

    some of my account it work

Viewing 7 replies - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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