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  • InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Challenge required.

    Can’t connect to instagram. Keep getting we detected an unusual loin attempt, keep hitting “This Was Me” but it still won’t go through.

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  • same problem here. I think, after last update…

    Plugin Author qsheeraz


    @chadwickhugh It happens because you are login from your web server and your Web Server location maybe different as your routine Instagram login location. You need to keep pressing ‘This was me’ until Instagram accepts your new login location. Nowadays its taking more time to proof new location due to tight security from Instagram. But sooner or later, Instagram will accept it.
    Another option is to use PROXY for your region to avoid any location change.
    Just for information, if you create a new account, it will have no location issue.

    @bigblack With new update, actually It replaced the plugin folder with new one and your login session was overwritten which was in previous version folder. Some users complain that after update, Instagram rechecking for login and its location. Normally it connects again but vary to user login history.

    I’ve tried this about 30 times and I’m still getting the same challenge error. Please advise. Does this plugin even work anymore?

    Plugin Author qsheeraz


    @jjmas Please don’t try continuously. Take a break after some tries. Better to try after days and it will login you then.

    I am getting the same result. InstagramAPI\Response\LoginResponse: Challenge required.
    Tried twice and had 2 challenge notifications. Still nothing. How long should I wait before trying again? You say days?!?! That is not very good…

    Third try never even got a “we detected an unusual loin attempt” notification…



    idem here

    Plugin Author qsheeraz


    @nourishingme This is actually depends on your login history and your Web Server. Its all up to Instagram how much time it takes to recognize your Web Server IP.
    Trying after days or others are just techniques to get recognized by Instagram and it works.

    If you want to try, use a fresh Instagram account.


    Can you guys help me in challenge required I don’t understand it well
    I’m able to login but once try to refresh or do anything to my account it says “ we are sorry but something went wrong please try again

    Can you guys help me in challenge required I don’t understand it well
    I’m able to login but once try to refresh or do anything to my account it says “ we are sorry pleas try again
    Also shows sometimes challenge required
    I need help to get my account back

    I REALLY want this plugin to work. But I cannot get past this challenge required error. I have tried a hundred times over the course of 3 or 4 days. Please update as to how I can get this working.

    Same issue as the other people on this post.



    Same problem. Instagram and facebook are so annoying with these security issues…

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    Same problem, every time i try to authenticate it gives me the same error, and on instagram it asks me if it was me…. I answer it was me, try again, and the same happens.

    I need help with almost the same thing i know my password & all

    But i signed in with a old gmail account
    On my instagram when i first started

    Now i tried to put my new one on & it didnt work because it switched back to the old one

    now when i try to login it says challenge required & i need to prove i own the account

    it says id have to prove it by my old email

    But i lost the password to it now i cant log in

    What do i do

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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