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    I just downloaded and installed your plugin due to its advertised ability to syndicate to Instagram.

    However, as you will already know, the Instagram setup page only says “Coming Soon!”.

    I was wondering, can you give us a time frame for when it might be implemented?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Rextheme


    @wordweaver777 Thanks for installing the plugin. We’re currently working on some cool features along with Instagram. We’re taking some more time to release everything all together so that our plugin makes your life easier to spread contents. Please stay with us and provide your feedback whenever you have.

    Thanks for letting me know. However, please be advised that I already bit the bullet and purchased a one-year subscription for NextScript’s API for their SNAP Pro plugin, being as I already use their plugin for six other social networks. Meaning that I am already auto-posting to Instagram now, along with the other six networks.

    Plugin Author Rextheme


    What are the main social networks that you’re using now?


    The commercial plug-in I currently use automatically syndicates to all of these, as well as to a number of others which I do not use.

    Plugin Author Rextheme


    @wordweaver777 Thanks for the info. This will help us a lot. Please bear with us for future updates.



    Hey, @wordweaver777 as major hearing is ongoing on Senate against Facebook, we’re pausing any further Instagram and Facebook release until we’re sure about FB’s major changes to developers API.

    Thanks for your patience. Stay with us.

    Plugin Author Rextheme


    Hey @wordweaver777, we have added Instagram to Social Booster. Now you can auto-post, schedule your content on Instagram.

    Hope you like the new feature. Give us your valuable feedback and stay with us.

    Thanks for letting me know. I am glad that you finally incorporated Instagram. However, as I already told you over three months ago, it is too little too late, because I am already using NextScripts SNAP Pro plugin with the Premium API. I already syndicate to Instagram, as well as to nine other social networks using SNAP Pro. Sorry, but you were just too slow at it. 🙂

    Hey @wordweaver777, No problem! Thanks for your reply. And we are sorry that we couldn’t reach you on time.

    May we know which social media platforms you are currently using with SNAP Pro?

    Thanks again.

    I already told you. Please look further back in this thread.

    Hey, Thanks for your reply.

    May I know if you are facing any kind of issue with your existing plugin?

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