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  • Hello,
    At the moment, on my site, the version 1.7.2 of the Astra theme – all subsequent updates caused a problem, the reason of which I can not install. It consists in the following: when navigating through some menu items, the site content twitches and then stabilizes. First of all, this applies to transitions to the galleries pages.
    My site (Astra 1.7.2):
    Unfortunately, the problem cannot be seen on this version.
    Thanks for the possible help!

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  • Hi @tabachnik,

    Can you try updating the theme on a staging site somewhere and give us the link here so that we can check and debug the error for you?



    Hi @brainstormteam.

    Please – an a staging site, the latest version of Astra:

    Thanks you!

    Hello @brainstormteam,
    I want to close my staging site from visits.
    Please inform me if my problem cannot be resolved.
    Thank you for attention and support!

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    Hey @tabachnik,

    I tried navigating through your staging site and it does seem to work correctly and I did not notice any “twitching” or any odd behavior with your galleries or any other pages. Here is a screencast of how this is working at my end –

    Can you give me a similar screencast of how this is working at your end and try to explain the bug in more detail?

    Hello @nikschavan.
    Thank you for being with me!
    Yes, everything looks great on your screencast.
    Here is my option: Recording
    The problem is obvious, but with long navigation everything calms down – maybe the cache is triggered?
    I don’t know what to add to this …

    Hi @tabachnik,

    This looks like related to cache. In the first load, the browser is taking a fraction of the second to render the CSS on the page.

    In the second load you can also see in your video the page is rendered almost instantly.

    The caching here seems to be browser cache and not something that is controlled by theme or your site for that matter.

    Hello @brainstormteam,

    Thank you very much for your support.
    But I don’t understand why in all old versions of Astra (including 1.7.2) this phenomenon is absent – after all, the caching policy does not change.
    On my computer, this problem is of one property in the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

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