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  • I have a client that sends out one newsletter each month but in 40 different versions- the content is always the same across each newsletter but the top banner is changed to include the school districts logo and the articles generally have the schools name added into it (such as “This month at SCHOOLNAME we’ll be meeting with Chef SoandSo”). He goes through and changes the logo and the SCHOOLNAME area 40 times, saves as a new pdf 40 times, emails the newsletter to the district 40 times…

    He wants to put these pdfs on the website for easier access. I’d like to not only do that, but also have them as wp pages instead of pdfs that dynamically render the variables.

    I’ve got the basics down:
    -permission based users, with parents/administrators being assigned to the school district they are in to only see their lunch menu, etc.
    -header changed via page-id css to show correct school logo

    But I don’t want to create 40 pages of the newsletter every month only changing out the school name.

    What would be the most effective way to use a shortcode so that my client could write up his newsletter and just put in [schoolname] where that goes, then when the page renders it shows a specific school name based on the user logged in? I’m thinking of putting the users into groups named for the school- so then use group id for the schoolname variable?

    I hope I’m making sense here- I’m just now learning how to customize with functions and php…

    thanks in advance to anyone that makes sense of this and has any ideas!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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