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  • Sorry this is my second probobly somewhat simple question in 2 days, but I am just driving myself mad trying to get this to work.

    On my blog at I am trying to make the images in my most recent post all justify to the left with the text to the right of them.

    I got the text to the right, but now the images aren’t justifying to the left even though I am using the class:alignleft code.

    I’m assuming (I know!) that it has something to do with the padding?

    Any advice. Thanks to everyone who tolerates my ignorance. 🙂

    **sorry i just realized i opsted this under installation** tried to edit but it was too late.**

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  • I’m assuming (I know!) that it has something to do with the padding?

    Nope. Not enough text. The “floating” elements (and the images are defined with that class as “float: left”) always will go “up” until they find another element that stops them: in this case the paragpraph ending of the text. So, the text being shorter than the image… the next image ‘floats’ up til get stuck at the bottom of the text and goes to the left (as it’s supposed to do) until hits the upper image’s right side. Does it make sense?

    Sorry if all this sounds confusing 🙁

    Makes sense. I’m just now sure how to insert code or characters (that won’t be displayed) that will allow the images to move down. This gives me a couple leads though. I’ll try a couple things.


    You might try simply giving your post area a height in pixels. It really needs to be a min-height (which doesn’t of course work in IE – piece of you know what that it is). In order to make min-height work in IE, you need minmax.js from

    Crap workaround, but that’s due to IE….

    Thanks vkaryl, I’m gonna copy and paste your advice into a txt file I’m compiling of workarounds to keep locally.

    I did find another work around that looks like its working. Yet to view it on MOZ because we crappy IE at work, but I inserted a series of <cr> </cr>’s after the text.

    It’s a crap work around too because the spacing isn’t perfect (a couple of the images aren’t spaced perfectly, but good enought to where it’s presentable.

    I don’t even know what <cr> is, I assumed its a carriage return and I though I had seen it in coding before, so I took a shot in the dark and it worked. God I am an idiot. 🙂

    Well, no, not an idiot…. things like this are a PITA for most anyone.

    Wonder if the cr tags validate? I’ll have to check into that.

    In a similar case (listing N number of books with a small cover pic and some info text next tpo it) I gave up and just started to put every piece in a new div:
    <div> pic + text </div>
    Problem solved 🙂

    ooh, that looks way easier moshu thanks!

    I looked in firefox and the <cr> thing appears to have worked, but I think I’ll go with putting each part in divs like you suggested moshu.

    Thanks everyone!

    I have to add, those divs were also defined in the stylesheet, so they behaved exactly how I wanted!

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