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  • Kirsty123



    I am new to WordPress having previously used Serif WebPlus.

    A developer has created a website which I am pleased with. However I have managed to delete some photos. I know how to reinsert them but when I do they are going into the centre column not aligning at the left. This shows the problem

    I want them all aligned under the first picture. I am struggling to make sense of all the codes, not being a developer and ideally I want to just use the Visual page to make changes.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!


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  • Dave Naylor


    Your page is a bit messed up with divs in the wrong place etc.

    I fixed it for you.

    In the text editor, not the HTML one, replace everything after <!-- .entry-header --> up to and including <!-- .entry-content --> and replace with the contents of this paste:



    I am no expert Kirsty,

    but I do not think that you are going to fix this in the visual editor. It appears that some code is inserted in the page that is not quite standard.

    It may be that the developer has set this up so that those images or the code that surrounds them is added with some PHP wizadry but I suspect it has been hand coded in the text editor for that page.

    If you look at the source of the page in your browser, about half way down the page, you should be able to recognise where the images and text are. The images that are aligned correctly are contained in a div with a specific class, like this: <div class="asso-img"> and it is the class that assigns the style that lines everything up neatly. The image that is misbehaving isn’t in a div like that and there are one or two other things that make the code look a bit sloppy.

    You can tell if it is hand coded in the page by looking at the text view in the editor. If it is full of that code stuff then that is how it is put together. If not, then I am as stuck as you are!

    Whoever built the site could probably sort this within ten-minutes.

    Dave Naylor


    One thing I forgot, you’ll need to change the URL to Jenni Blandford’s CV since I couldn’t determine it, it’s currently a copy of the one above it.



    Hats off to you WPRanger!

    I’m grateful that you took the time to do that. It’s always great to see the forum doing its stuff.



    Thank you so much to WPRanger and martcol!

    The website developer is based in Pakistan and I gather they are on a long holiday weekend so I am hoping to hear from him tomorrow. I am going to ask him to make sure it is formatted so that I can add in new Associates via the View page, even if the left hand column goes and the text aligns around the photo.

    I really appreciate all the help WPRanger with the new coding. It certainly looks a lot better than what is there on the code page though to be fair to the developer I have tried to cut and paste code to see if that sorts things. I’ve managed all sorts of weird things, such as moving all the text in to one long strip, so I have also tried to delete code I’ve added when it’s gone wrong.

    I’m not going to replace with your code yet just in case the developer gets annoyed, but I am going to save it all in case the developer can’t help and I need to start again.

    This certainly is a great forum and I’m sure I will be using it lots!

    Thank you again.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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