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  • Resolved Douglas Karr


    There are a few things that could used improved on this and we can help (for free) if you’d like:

    • The Pardot form insert button is only visible on the standard text editor. Many people don’t use this editor. You would be better served with a different form insert button outside the text editor.
    • The Pardot form is inserted with no div wrapper or class, so I can’t control it. I’d recommend you add it in a div class=”pardot”.
    • The Pardot sidebar widget isn’t useful because you can’t set up to select a form for each page. We have a client that will have multiple landing pages. The widget should have a dynamic rule… if Page = [page name dropdown] then use form [form dropdown].

    Once again, we can collaborate on these as we’ve done them for other clients (not specifically with Pardot). You can get a hold of me through your clients’ Healthx or TinderBox. Thanks! Doug

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  • Plugin Author Cliff Seal


    Hey Douglas! Thanks for your feedback. Allow me to address the items you’ve brought up:

    1. The alternative to the button is the use of our well-documented shortcodes.

    2. We embed iframes, so a wrapper class wouldn’t be helpful because you couldn’t use it to style anything within it. If you want to control the iframe itself, you can target this fairly easily, and you can also easily wrap these in your own divs within the HTML editor. Styling forms themselves are done with Layout Templates.

    3. ‘Dynamic’ widgets are a function of conditional sidebars in WordPress. You can very easily register and utilize additional sidebars, then conditionally call these sidebars in your code. Additionally, you can use Dynamic Content widgets to determine which form (or other content) to show based on everything Pardot knows about the visitor.

    Our goal with this plugin is to add features that are useful to the common user without adding too many options and creating confusion. Especially when you can build in advanced features like the dynamic widgets using existing WordPress functionality, we’re more likely to rely on that unless it becomes a very common request.

    That said, if you’d like to fork the plugin and build in these features, feel free to do so as we keep the GitHub version as the bleeding edge. If you get something built in, you can do a pull request and we’ll consider integrating it.

    Thanks so much, and let me know if you need any further assistance.

    1. Yes, I saw those. Just a recommendation.
    2. Actually, it would. If I have div#pardot iframe, I can float the iframe to the right of the content. At minimum, an id would even be helpful – but a class would be more helpful. If I control the iframe now with CSS, the first time I put a YouTube video, we screw it up since that’s an iframe, too.
    3. True, but our client is building out dozens of landing pages both for organic and PPC. Adding new sidebars isn’t the appropriate solution.

    Thanks. We may follow this up with a Pardot Plus plugin that incorporates some of the features we need to implement for a couple of our customers.

    Plugin Author Cliff Seal


    Ah, I see what you mean on the class, Douglas. My apologies. I’ll look into adding this—in the meantime, you can target these with jQuery (amongst other approaches).

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