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  • Hi, please take a look at my page here:

    As you can see my blog is inside the iframe. I just want to “align” the whole blog so as there’s no space on the left side and there’s no left-right adjustments/scrolling on my iframe.

    Any ideas where I can probably edit this in my wordpress template files?

    I dont want to remove scrolling by adjusting the iframe..I want to remove scrolling by adjusting THE CONTENT of the iframe which is my blog…and I have to find a way (editing my themes, css, etc) to do that…and I dont know where will I find the tag that would somehow lead to this…I have been editing the CSS for days now but cant seem to find the tag to do the trick…

    hope someone could help..thanks a reach me faster pls email your replies to vbaguios3rd[at]gmail[dot]com thanks a lot in advance!

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  • 1. We don’t want to reach you faster, it’s you that wants fast reply… so hang around in the forum. We do not offer support by email.
    2. It seems your theme used in the blog is based on the Default (Kubrick) which is quite difficult to tweak for a newbie.
    3. For displaying your blog in an iframe you should use a more flexible, simple theme that is easier to modify.
    4. Alternatively you could use just the Loop ( ) to display your posts
    5. A search on the forum would also bring up many similar – answered – questions.

    Thanks moshu. I’m interested using the loop, but Im quite scared of having to edit/modify a lot of PHP- but on the other thought I see that there’s nothing much to edit…Ill try to see what I can do with it. Meanwhile any other help would be most welcome! Thanks so much!

    and yeah ill hang around the forums, nevermind the email thing.

    *also another thing if I use loops say the simple loop of displaying post + its contents + little meta data + comments, where should I add/place thos loop tags? I think its index.php right? but I have two index.php one is in my wordpress directory and the other one is in my THEMES directory…

    Leave the index in the WP root directory alone! (that’s the so-called “short and sweet”) When we talk about index – usually – we refer to the index.php file in the theme you are using.
    You might also be interested in an alternative solution to show posts from your blog on your main site – I’ve written a tutorial about it:

    my bad. Aight, ill take a look at that tut. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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