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  • As many know…now when inserting an image and adding a title, the title ‘disappears’ once it’s inserted and have you to then click in the image and re-type in the title (Alt Title stays).
    I use the title for mouse rollovers, PLUS it’s used when inserting these images into Pinterest and such. Otherwise you get the generic name of the post.

    Here’s some screenshots of what I mean from another blogger:

    Anyone know WHEN this bug is going to be fixed??

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  • It’s not a bug. The automatic addition of a title attribute/tag to image markup was deliberately removed in WordPress 3.5 as it represented an accessibility issue. Tooltips can still be added by opening the Edit Image modal and inserting something into the title attribute box. The only change is that the “Title” field — which is the name of an image’s attachment page — does not populate the title attribute.

    Screen reader, switch, VR users and sighted keyboard navigators do not have access to the title attribute, therefore any information that is being presented via that attribute is hidden from them. Site authors should NEVER rely on that attribute to convey information that, ideally, should be presented in clear text on the page. This contravenes the first of the 4 principles of web accessibility – that content should be Perceivable. WordPress core is now merely following best practice in this regard by not auto-inserting non-perceivable content.

    If something is worth putting in a title attribute, then 9 times out of 10, it should be on the page instead – where everyone can see it.

    Well, I don’t understand much of that unfortunately, but it matters to me. I use titles upon rollover. Plus other sites ‘pull’ from this field –> like Pinterest. So if I don’t go back into each image and re-add the “Title Field” which disappeared the first time I add it, I get a generic title added when Pinned.

    I don’t understand much of that unfortunately, but it matters to me.

    Sorry but it’s not a bug and it won’t be getting changed back.

    I use titles upon rollover.

    Why? Of what use are they to those cannot use a mouse – like the millions surfing using mobile devices to name but a few.

    like Pinterest

    No one else seems to be having problems with Pinterest. Perhaps you need to look for a suitable plugin?

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