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  • I love the way that images are uploaded and inserted into the Write Post page. But here’s my problem.

    I upload an image and it shows up in the attached files sectoin. If you click on the image, it gives you options between using a thumbnail or full image and linking to the page or linking to the image. I changed it to “Use Full Image” but when you drag and drop, it included height and width properties with the image that keep it the same size as a thumbnail. If you edit the HTML, you can delete the height and width attributes to make it full size, but this should not be necessary.

    I suppose this is just a bug that will have to be fixed…

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  • I was playing around with editing an old post and adding an image and it seems a bit clunky yet. I deleted a bunch of postmeta tags that were added (pingme and enclosure) and had to edit the “drag and drop” link to get the actual photo to display (the link to the image src had the ID added at the end).

    am i the only one not getting the image to actually upload? this is what i’m getting on the post where i uploaded and dragged and dropped the image:

    Another problem is it doesn’t work at all using IE6. Opera works…so does Firefox, but IE doesn’t allow drag and drop.

    On WP 2.0 RC-1:
    Using Firefox, I succeeded in uploading the image, after setting the proper write access for the web server on the upload directory.

    To drag the image to the post, which already contained text, I had to first make an empty line and place the image on that line. If I tried to place it at the start of a text line, the insert cursor showed up, but not the image.

    After inserting the image I could move it around within the post after making a new empty line, but it was very hard to position it correctly.

    To make the text flow around the image, i.e. text to the right i had to press the left align button.

    I found no way of making some space around the image. It could have been done with HTML img attributes vspace/hspace or better with some inline CSS, but the HTML editing view came up empty.

    To see the poor result visit the post in my purely experimental blog:
    ( Don’t permalink me )

    > I found no way of making some space around the image


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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