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  • Is it possible to have something set up to insert frequently-used text into a post?

    I would like to run a daily feature that needs to be explained a little for someone who has never seen it. Therefore, I’d like to just be able to insert the explanation at the bottom of the post everyday with one click.

    I assume a quicktag could do this, but I couldn’t find a plugin that did it. Are there any plugins out there that let you define what gets inserted with a quicktag?

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  • If you’re going to be putting the same exact text in the same exact place for posts in the same exact category each day, my suggestion is to just code it into your theme template.

    But, if you are going to have variability on where, when, and what the block of text is, then I’d try one of these plugins:

    Urban Giraffe’s sniplets »

    Levi’s tags »

    I haven’t used either plugin, but U.G.’s are always great.

    Thanks, LK. I’ll take a look at those plugins.

    It’s a good idea to hardcode the text, but the problem is even though it would be everyday, it wouldn’t be every post.

    Thanks again.

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