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    I recently upgraded to the 2.1 FINAL. Everthing went fine, I thought. I wrote a new article, I clicked on the “insert an URL” button in the WYSIWYG-editor and some silly ajax-window came up, instead of the popup-javascript-window that 2.0.7 and all versions before used. All of a sudden the buttons for “insert” and “cancel” are not SHOWN in that ajax-window. I click on the mousewheel and scroll down the window. Happy to find the buttons at the very end of a window that seems not to be dimensioned the right way. But guess what? Clicking on the buttons does not help. So the window stucks, cause when I click on the “x” in the right corner to close the small, shiny, funky ajax-window nothing happens. I have to click the reload button. Nice that the autosave prevented losing the whole article.

    But when I try it again and again everytime happens the same. The buttons are not shown, the ajax-window gets stuck and I can hit reload. Guys and girls I am using Firefox in the newest version and I can’t guess what’s going wrong here, but I can guess that things like that shouldn’t happen if a thing is named “final”. Anyone can tell me which file I have to modify by hand for the ajax-window (insert url) will work properly?!

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  • I’ve had the same problem, but with the insert image dialogue.

    I posted a thread about this earlier but it hasn’t seemed to have received any replies.

    Well at least we’re two. 🙂 Think we can just wait and perhaps have a cup of tea. Perhaps I shall get something to eat either.

    The frontend of course works fine, and plugins I am using seem to work properly…

    Guess what… in the german forums I found a small hint. Another guy has the same problems. This is a “firefox” specific problem as it seems, and of course a problem concerning the java/ajax thing.

    Try to use your wp-admin from IE, Opera or another browser. When I use the IE7 or Opera the problem is no problem at all. This is strange form of irony I think for that a lot of WordPressusers are using Firefox… for it’s free and not from Microsoft.

    Is it FF2? Because my FF works perfectly…

    Works fine for me in FF 2.0.1 as well.

    It’s FF, german version. But I guess it might be something with Firefox and the Firefox Javaenvironment?!

    Also check popup blockers (built-in and assorted toolbars).

    Check this out:

    The text is in german but look at the two screenshots. This is how the “insert URL”-window looks like in IE7 (first screeny) and Firefox (second one).

    I have no toolbars in use, because I don’t need them. 😉 Hence this can’t be the issue. I guess it has something to do with the Java environment for my Firefox… mh…

    Say, I just checked in IE/Opera/FF. They all work, but… none of them have that “Class” option that shows up on your Firefox screenshot.

    Where’s that coming from? Any interesting plugins still activated?

    The “Class” Option just comes from the Advanced-WYSIWYG Plugin from Assaf Arkin… but I tried this out with the plugin activated and/or deactivated. No changes.

    But you see that the “buttons” are not shown correctly, and the dimensions of the ajax-window are not alright at all? And of course when it comes up it breaks the whole thing. Cause I can not cancel it, nor can I insert a link… and I can not close the window either. I just upgraded the Java Runtime Environment in Firefox to the latest version but it did not change a thing.

    It has something to do with firefox because in other browsers running on my system I can work with WordPress without a hassle. This is strange.

    Sajonara, you are basically complaining that you did not contribute by testing it prior to it being released. It is clear that you have great skill at reporting a problem — that is what makes me sad and upset.

    About now the problem at hand. I have not yet been able to reproduce this, but there are a few other reports — but not anything consistent or reproducible. Lets figure it out!

    You are running Firefox 2 on what OS? Screen shots so we all can compare? Anything in the browser’s error console?

    Sajonara, my comment was based on the initial post. You are kicking butt now!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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